your opinions on tan paddies.

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  1. This is such excellent advice!!! ITA!!! And for what it is worth, I think Tan is beautiful!:heart: But all that matters is what YOU love!!!
  2. Aww thank you~ :shame:

    And Congrats ijoewono!!!!! :party: I am so happy and excited for you!!!! You're going to be in heaven when she arrives!!! :love: Promise you'll post lot of pics for us?? :nuts:;)
  3. Congrats ijoewono, I have a strong feeling you're gonna love it! :flowers:
    I have a tan paddington in large size and I love the colour, for me it's great all year around tone. :love: Also it's easy to find matching accessories in tannish shades (also from other brands than chloe!):biggrin:
  4. Tan is my favourite colour!!!
  5. Tan is my favorite color Chloe sure and post pics wearing it ASAP! Congrats!!
  6. Can't wait to see pics of your bag - i'm pleased you've now decided on a colour that was right for you.:yahoo:

    I personally still love the whiskey...i am biased though, lol

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your new tan paddy!!

  7. Hiiii peopleeeeee...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lalalalalalalalalalalala

    my tan is here!!!!
    the UPS guy came when I wasnt home so I had to pick her up at UPS..
    oh no, i have to go, I promise to post lots of pictures w/ me posing in each u ladies get sick of looking at it, =)
    i only have time this friday, busy busy week....soo behold =P
    you ladies are right, tan is beautiful!
    thank you all for being so supportive!
  8. Yay! So glad you got the tan paddy. I believe it's THE most beautiful Chloe shade. Make sure you post pics when you can!
  9. Yay congrats..!!! I'm so excited to see it! :nuts: I :heart: tan, it's beautiful neutral but still rich colour, truly a classic in paddys:yes:
  10. WOOHOO!!!

    Send us pics when you can :yahoo:
  11. Yay ijoewono!!! :nuts: I was going to PM you to see how everything was going with your tan!! :heart: I'm so happy she's arrived and I can't wait to see pictures!!!!! :love: Congrats hun!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  12. I fifth that! ^
    Can't wait to see pics!:yahoo:
  13. I also love the tan. Just got the Metallic Aubergine and if i had to choose one to keep i would stick with the tan...i think it really suits the bag.
  14. I wanna see pics!! I love the tan color.... it realllllly is perfect year-round... there are certain color paddies that I stay away from like the popular choco ---- it just doesn't work with me!
  15. My tan Paddy and I went to the hair salon today for highlights. My hair now matches my bag, lol! This is a bag I will never part with and I am dying to see a 2006 tan IRL to compare to my 2005. I would honestly have two in this color because I love it so much!

    Please post pics of your 06 tan Paddys if you have one. I have heard the color is not as rich as 05 but the fall 06 season looks to have better batches of leather than spring (from what I see of other colors in this forum).
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