your opinions on tan paddies.

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  1. I need as much opinion as possible.
    You know how people go crazy on whiskey and cream-colored paddies.
    maybe that's just me, but IMHO I think those two are the most popular paddies.
    What do you think about tan paddy ladies?:confused1:
    is the color versatile, classic, etc etc etc, much sought-after?
    any opinion and I mean any is welcomed.
  2. There are lots of lovers of the whiskey and off white colors I know, but I truely believe you should go with the color that works best for you, the color you adore. If its tan that you love go for it. I was an owner of the ivory color and just wasnt satisfied until I got my chocolate paddy, the color truely works for me.
  3. I couldn't agree more with ranskimmie!!! :yes: Different colors work for different people. Also, there are colors out there that I just love but don't fit with my wardrobe. So really I wouldn't worry about which colors are popular, YOU need to love the bag!! :flowers:

    Personally, I like tan but not as much as some others. I don't think it would work for me but it looks like a great summer color! :heart:
  4. I love tan!!

    But it's way too orange for my skin tone and my wardrobe or I would sooo have kept mine.
  5. ^^ Same here, I love Tan, and I bought a used one earlier this year but it just did not match my wardrobe so I sold it. Go with what best suits you!:smile:
  6. ITA with what others have replied. If you want a general opinion on tan, I think the color is not a year round color IMO. Great for Spring & Summer. But again that's just my own opinion.:shrugs:
  7. I think tan is great! It's the original campaign color. I carried mine yesterday (AW05 season) - after paying far too much attention to my Chanel bags - and realized how much I missed my tan Paddy! Mine is more of a honey color, not too orange at all. It matches almost everything I own. Here she is posing with her sister whiskey.

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  8. Darn Roey you had to post that picture...I'm dying for your tan paddy!
  9. :flowers: thanks ladiesss..
    it sounded like you ladies know that I asked the question because I was regretting something, isnt that amazing? maybe it's just me ? :P

    Well, I bought a tan paddy last night..
    AND I"M STILL EXCITED...I'm all about smiling today, nobody can ruin my mood. last night was the most hectic night ever,
    Bag bunny, thanks for the number, right after I read ur message I called the store and I didnt remember what happen next...everything went soo fast, my conversation with the store lady went even
    I knew if I didnt act fast the bag would go to someone else, and the fact that the lady didnt know what paddy style and color she was talking about just sped up the conv. even more. She was probably like " relax girlll...."

    anyway...1/2 hour before the store closed I managed to go to Kinkos and fax my stuff to her...Phewwwwwwwww.....and she's on her way to illinois!!!
    I'm soo going to baby this bag, I hope I like it....I cant wait to say
    " this bag looks even more georgous in real!!!"
    and the whole crazy syndrome thing...getting it out of the dust bag..putting it somehere easy to see...and staring at it for hours.

    I know I'll like's just that this is my first time and the moment I realized I bought it all the insecurities and doubts came. :s
  10. oops I forgot to say thank you for ALL OF YOU who responded, I feel so much better. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
    Audrey, I didnt realize it was you, cute avatar!
  11. congrats.....:love: :love: :love:

    i think Tan paddy is very pretty!!! you cant go wrong with CHLOE!!
  12. Congrats ijoewono!!

    You *are* going to love it more IRL than in the pics!! Can't wait to see your new 'baby'.

    Again, I love the tan color. It's really neat!! I wish I could wear it too- LOL!

  13. ahhhh congratulations.

    The tan is the perfect colour for the paddy imo. I used mine today, and its funny it can look completely different in different lights. I like it when worn casually with jeans and tees, it seems to work best then - for me anyway :smile:
  14. I love the tan paddys. I don't think you can go wrong with a tan color. It's a staple in my wardrobe. I have the whiskey paddy and it's much different than the tan. It has more orange to it but it's still gorgeous.

    I haven't seen the tan ones IRL yet but I saw one called muscade.

    The cream or ivory paddys are nice but I would be so afraid I would ruin it. I am afraid of white bags but really like seeing them on other people.

    Go for it if you love the tan. It's all about what you're comfortable with and what you like to wear.
  15. thank you everbody,
    you are all very supportive!
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