Your opinions on Rubber Duck boots

  1. I first was :confused1: and then I was like "mmmm I live in a country where winter means : rain, snow,slush,dirt etc.." and I have been looking for appropriate boots for years. -I was just wearing old trainers when it gets too bad-
    I came accross these...warm, good grip sole, waterproof, and trendy ! are they cool ??
    well, to me they´re fun, a cross somewhere between Napoleon Dynamite and Rainbow Brite. Adios Uggs or moonboots, I ´m gonna switch to these, wear with leggings or skinny jeans, I think but I don´t know which color ????????
    and there is not much info on the net ? HOT or NOT ?
    8273_Large.jpg 8276_Large.jpg 2875_Large.jpg yhst-21941452917489_1973_2230893.gif yhst-21941452917489_1973_2849577.gif
  2. i go for white.. but all of them are really cute!
  3. Though at first glance I think the white are cute I think your best bet would be the black... After the first or second use that pure white would be all icky! I think the black could get dirty and still look good for years to come.:p
  4. I join these multicolore ones.They are quite cool.
    And it's not like I bought them and want you to go "waow", this is an OPEN discussion about these in general. a "hit or miss" one;
    I just don't want to have the winter equivalent of Crocs on my feet, or the kids only to go for it....
    SnowjoggersMultiBlue350.jpg 100707_rubberduck_a.jpg rose.jpg
  5. and nylon black
  6. If I lived near snow I'd consider a pair of these. I think they're cooler than Uggs (which I wear on all ski vacations) and certainly more practical.
  7. I like the black nylon.
  8. I like the black patent, but I'd also swing for the silver too! I don't care for teh coloured ones so much, more for the kids I think.

    Let us know what you decide!
  9. Not hot.
  10. I could definitely see you using the black patent or nylon ones--probably really comfy and indestructible for the weather that you are describing.
  11. I like these the best out of all the ones you posted. They would be good for the snow :yes:
  12. aaaarrrrggghhhh......been shopping today, and the "copies" are already out !!
    So maybe I need to choose a color that will differenciate.crap.I hate copies.