Your opinions on my starter collection! *PICS*

  1. I admit it - I'm one of the newbies who found the CHANEL board recently, heard about the upcoming PI, and sort of freaked out and bought a bunch of bags in a hurry.
    I have pretty much come to my senses :yahoo: and realize that I don't need to go this crazy this fast. I would love your input on the bags that I've gotten:

    Dk Silver Metallic Wallet-on-Chain - I absolutely adore this bag, and although it's not practical for everyday use, I don't think I can (or want to) let this one go.

    Black Caviar Timeless Clutch - I was considering returning this, but when I got it home from the EGC, I realized that it was tagged with the old price of $895. I was able to get the credit even though the current price is $995, thanks to a good Saks SA. I think this bag is so versatile - dress it up, dress it down, keep it in my work tote.

    Black Caviar Jumbo Flap - I was really surprised that I got this. I liked it on me in the store, but now that it's home and I've tried it on more, I'm concerned that it's just too big for me (5'4" and medium build). I really love the look of the EW flap so that would be an alternative.

    Black Caviar GST w/ SH - Another surprise, since I was looking at the Pocket in the City and the MC tote. I was pretty sure that this was going back b/c I still think it's boxy for me. These pics show the old caviar on the GST v the new caviar on the Jumbo...I like the old caviar better.

    I would like to keep 2 or 3 of the bags. I want to hear your opinions! Everyone's been so helpful and I've learned so much looking at the reference library :smile:
    DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain006.jpg Chanel006.jpg Chanel008.jpg Chanel009.jpg
  2. Hi, I must say you have good taste in picking your bags, they are all so different and gorgeous in their own ways, a wallet, a clutch, a flap and a tote, serving different purposes and functions; it'll be difficult to let go anyone of them IMHO; it's definately a great and all-rounded collection to start with, if the $ is not an issue, I suggest that you keep all of them, and later expand on colors when the time is ready for you. Enjoy!

    ADD: and I think the Jumbo is not too big on you, look at the GST, isn't it bigger than the Jumbo? and it looks great on you.
  3. wow that is a shopping spree!! but you definitely bought some lovely things. i would return the black clutch as you have the gold one and its more versitile. i love the flap and the GST and both are such classics. but personally i could keep the flap, i will never tire of it.
    shame you can't keep them all because the are all lush :smile:
  4. I'm in the same boat as you! See my thread on going crazy since the PI news. My two-cents... ITA with purselover1985, keep the wallet on chain since you love it and it can double a clutch. Return the black clutch and if you had to decide between the tote and the flap, I'd go with the flap just because of the timelessness. However, if you don't love the new caviar, return it and you still have time to go looking for a jumbo with old caviar. I saw some at my local NM.
  5. nice collection!
  6. Wow, I love them all! It would be hard to return any of them. While I like the Grande Shopping tote, it's probably my least fav of the four you posted, but it's a great, all-purpose bag, though. I say keep them all -- they're only going to go up in price.
  7. Great choices!
    I love them all!
  8. I love all of your bags! You should keep all of them :yes:. The jumbo flap doesn't look too big on you at all; I also have the jumbo flap and I'm 5'4" and small build.
  9. Thanks so much, everyone - though you're not helping LOL! I agree that the GST is my least fave of the bunch and that's the one I was planning to return. Decisions, decisions...

    I neglected to mention that I also went nuts at YSL and got the Downtown and the Muse this month too, so one (or two) of the CHANELs absolutely has to go back. I've really gone bonkers!! :noggin:
  10. the gst is my least fave. i am petite, the bag just too boxy for me. but i admit it looks great on lots of people and its a classic!!! i will keep the jumbo, clutch, and the silver . that just MHO. GOOD LUCK!!:heart:
  11. i love them all esp the GST :drool:
  12. GST is my least favorite, but it does look terrific on you. The jumbo is a perfect every day bag and doesn't look too big at all.
  13. My least favorite on you is the Jumbo flap. I think the GST looks gorgeous on you, if i had the money i would love one. :girlsigh:
  14. wow you did good! love all of them!
  15. They all are beautiful, but I think the metallic wallet and the GST look the best on you (although all really do). So I would get rid of the Jumbo and the clutch.