Your Opinions Needed: Mens' LV Wallets

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  1. What is the best LV wallet for men? I'm going today to get one for my husband, but I just can't decide. I'm leaning towards Damier, bc I love it. I don't think he'd carry anything in Mono, and I don't know much about the other lines that are used for men's products. Any opinons?
  2. My dad has one of the Taiga leather billfolds. He actually likes the mono better, but has been using this one a lot lately (in the black color):

    eLUXURY - null - null=
  3. id say for durability and understatement, damier is the best choice.

    i personally prefer the epi line...i think it is a slick leather that comes in a bunch of great colors, but if it isnt your cup of tea, then i'd say go with the damier.
  4. My bro has the mono, he likes it, because he is young, but my dad really likes the taiga line! Those seem so classy! What about something in the epi line?
  5. I bought this wallet the other day:


    I was so close to buying this wallet today:


  6. John, that epi wallet, does it have 6 card slots?
    Thanks all for the suggestions so far!
  7. Dang Juan, that second one was the one I was trying to post before my computer froze lol. Anyway THAT is the one my dad has but in black.
  8. The Epi Wallet does have 6 card slots.


    Rebecca: LOL. I was sooo close to getting the black too!!!! It was either the wallet, that LV polo, or black Obsessions.
  9. Perfect! thanks! You've been very helpful! oxox
  10. ^^^^ You're getting it?!?!?! I hope so!!!! :nuts:

    I haven't used it yet, but on the way home, I couldn't stop smelling it. :shrugs:
  11. how about the Taiga bookfold wallet? i got that for my boyfriend, and it has 9 slots

  12. John,
    They didn't have the epi! Ugh, I really wanted it too, but I'm really happy w/ what we came home with. I hope he likes it as well. I can't find it on Elux. It's a Damier wallet w/ 8 card slots, a snap coin pouch and a picture window for his license. It's really nice.
  13. imho, the taiga bookfold might be a little too thick.. if you want something more compact, you should get the taiga multiple! its gorgeous!
  14. It really depends on your husband whether he likes something flashy or not. If he also loves LV, you may get him something in mono canvas or even damier. My BF doesn't like to attract attention, so the only two options for me were taiga or epi. He has like 10 cards, and the only short wallet that has this many slots is the taiga bookfold. After he's stuffed everything in, it came to about one inch thick.
  15. I love this one, Epi is my fave!