Your opinions in buying jewelry instead of H

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Even if this isn't a jewelry thread i'd like to ask the opinions of fellow Hermes TPFers because this forum is where i'm most at home. Posting in the jewelry thread will get a biased opinion.

    I just want to ask what are your opinions on buying jewelry.

    For the Asian ladies - i don't know if you are familiar with this but there are no brand jewelry sellers everywhere. I know of a friend where i can buy from.

    So, I'm confused whether to invest in those or go bvlgari or cartier, etc. Usually a whole rock encrusted set (earrings, pendant, ring, bracelet) can cost just one piece from the branded ones.

    Please help! I very much need your opinions!

    Thanks very much!
  2. i also equate the pieces with a kelly or birkin BTW
  3. I never buy branded jewelry, but keep in mind, I basically just wear simple diamonds. I have a jeweler I trust and use on a consistent basis. Of course, if there s a particular piece I really like by cartier, vcl or hw etc, I would consider it. In the end, I usually do non branded. I view jewelry as pieces just for me, to be handed down at some point. The brand only matters in the secondary Mkt, which s terrible in jewelry!

    Now, jewelry or h? That's an easy one. If it is a basic piece of jewelry, meaning a simple necklace, stud earrings, south sea pearl necklace, I would always pick jewelry. It's like a simple black bag. Everyone needs it! You can alternate between jewelry and h. However, if you are pining away for that h bag that may show up, need to keep that money stashed on the sideline.
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  4. thank you so much HermesMonkey!

    the money for an sb2 is already there. but still pining for another kelly, & another SB2...

    jewelry is always taking a backseat because i'm a bag person thru & thru.

    i have the usual solitaires (earring, pendant) and some small pieces. i have never bought the more elaborate pieces. but i'm now thinking of getting one of those illusion pieces (.5 carat diamonds set together so they appear larger) as i know a 2 carat piece will be more expensive than say a 3 carat illusion piece.

    i'm not very comfortable wearing big pieces anyways.

    the last time i bought really nice jewelry was 10 years ago so i guess it's sort of time to update my pieces.

    here are samples of what i'm talking about: you can see a kelly in the background. it's a D year in swift.




    sorry for the blurry pics. it was taken with an iphone 3G

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  5. I think it depends on what you're buying. Something like a watch, clearly, needs to be a brand to have/maintain value. But unless you're buying an iconic or specific piece of jewelry, I don't personally think it's necessary in and of itself to buy a brand name, because you are spending 50% more just for the name.

    For example, if you like the Van Cleef look and design, you should buy Van Cleef. Or Judith Ripka. Or Tiffany. That is when you would buy the brand name. But if you just want a pretty set of jewelry, then just go somewhere reputable.

    I have had both branded and no name jewelry - and I say "had", because my good brand name jewelry was stolen - and I find that generally, I don't really want a designer piece because I will either see it coming and going or people will know where I got it and what I spent. I like to design my own pieces and have them made (I've done that with earrings, very simple and I get exactly what I want), which makes them more "me".
  6. Ack! It took me so long to type my response, I missed your intervening posts! Those pieces are beautiful, they definitely do not need to be brand name if that is the type of jewelry you want.
  7. oh wow BBC. thanks!

    sorry for your loss though. yes you're so right. once i thought i lost my diamond bracelet (about 10 small stones on the bracelet) and almost had a heart attack. almost because i found it under my seat on the tour bus. so i thought - i will never bring jewelry to travel again!!!!

    that's where H accessories will come in handy :biggrin:

    follow up to your follow up post:

    thanks so much!!!
  8. It's nice to have a pearl necklace or a diamond ring to mix and match with Hermes.

    Unless if you're going after serious pieces from Chopard, Harry Winston, etc; otherwise, if it's simply buying eg. Cartier Love, it's more worth the money to buy from less major-brand jewellers. Brands does not really matter, actually.
  9. thanks Iffah!!!

    good to know the responses here are pretty practical
  10. Just wondering, because I can't answer this - do you think it matters if they're, say, Mikimoto Pearls? Would that be worth the price difference, do you think?
  11. i have a mikimoto white gold & pearl everyday breacelet i bought 6 years ago & it's still as good as new. i'll try looking at them again.

    but i think if you have a jeweler then go ahead and buy from her. my mom has bought pearls more than 20 years ago and they're still as beautiful as the day they bought them. i'm talking about elaborate pieces here with jewels and her simple strands as well.

    side note: my mom loooves jewelry & has no brand name bag whatsoever, not even an LV
  12. The pieces you have shown are stunning! I am in love with the earrings! I would def. go for them if they sing to you. Brand or "no brand" is not an issue with me. What matters is do I love it or not. I do not look at jewelry (or bags) as investment pieces.

    I used to be a die hard bag gal. As I get older, I gravitate more toward jewelry.
  13. thank you , thimp!
  14. BBC,

    Mikimoto pearls are always high in demand both consumers and resellers given its reputation for being the foremost in perfection. They have the capacity to source for the best pearls and technology.

    However, there are other private jewellers who has the best sources of pearls as well for a lower price. Only that, they're private individualist who focus primarily within a small target market. Most importantly, is to understand on how to choose the best pearls.:smile:

    I found an article, not the best, just to share:
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  15. Take advantage that you are in Asia you can find quality Jewerly with no brands. Everyone appreciates jewelry, not all can understand H.
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