Your opinion's/advice please on my color choice :)

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I have a couple of questions that if anyone wouldn't mind helping me with, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    My only major designer bag is a mono speedy which I use daily. I'd love to have a bbag (I think I like the city or day) that would be a good switcheroo for spring and summer alternate w/my lv.

    Because my bag is the mono pattern, I'd like to stay away from any of the browns (although they're gorgeous and rich) and get a color that's brighter and could go with about anything.

    I was thinking one of the dark purples...eggplant or violet or any of the blues (except for the bright turq's) would possibly go w/anything and still be bright enough for spg/summer??? What are your thoughts? TIA...I appreciate any help at all. :heart:
  2. Good Luck with your first Bbag! You might like Ink if you like blue and purple. You might want to check out the upper section with all the colors made by Balenciaga.
  3. I LOVE the ink! So gorgeous! The purples and blues...ahhh...I'm wanting a bbag so badly...they're just beautiful...the leather....sigh.
    Do you think the ink would be too dark for spg/summer?
  4. I wear my Ink bag in S/S but most people would probably consider it a Fall bag. S/S is almost over so I think it would work for you.
  5. I think Ink coz of the purple under the sun, would be great for S/S... but then color and leather does vary on the ink so I guess it depends on what you can find... Ink is rather hard to buy sight unseen IMO...

    but I think this seasons violet if you can still find one would be great for all year round, a nice pop of color without being too "wow" KWIM? or what about the French Blue? or this seasons Ocean?
  6. Another pretty blue is Blueberry!
  7. if you love blue and want something not too bright for summer/spring then try french blue
  8. So helpful! I was freakishly scared to post here...w/absolutely no reasoning behind that fear! LOL! I think it's the whole "have researched but don't know a ton yet/can I go ahead and post" mentality! LOL

    So, it sounds like you all agree that a blue or purple would be great year round and go w/blue jeans and the gamut. good! One dilemma down.

    Next question....and I admit, I've researched but not to a major extent...It seems that bbags don't lose value over time? I'll buy used...and I've looked on eBay and other online stores, etc., and it appears buying new and buying pay about the same? As well...what I haven't figured out is are the different years priced differently?

    I prefer the smooshy broken in leather.
  9. Oh, don't ever feel weird posting here. We are all here to learn from eachother and help eachother out.;) Bbags do hold their value pretty good depending on condition of course.
  10. I have an ocean city that I think is a beautiful color for either spring or fall. Just enough of a "pop" of color without being too bright. I also think that the violet is gorgeous and would work well.

    Be warned.....once you own a is never enough! (or two..three...four....:nuts: complete insanity!
  11. ^^^ You know, I've been drooling ever since I bought my lv and ventured over to this side one day! Shhh...don't tell the lv fans, (and I adore my speedy), but I love the richness and character your bbags leather have! And, I love that it appears, that two people can have the same bag, same color, but there are still varieties...they're not exactly the same (like my beloved speedy!).

    I've checked out the blue and purple color threads.

    I really, really still love the Ink and I also am attracted to blueberry, indigo, ocean and anthracite (can't quite figure out that color). Of these I've listed, are they terribly difficult to find new or used...and are any way more than the other (and if that case, I'd have to nix it sadly off my list :sad:...I'm a bbag lover on a budget!)
  12. All of those colors are GREAT! I would say Indigo would be more because it's an '05 color.

  13. True true.. :tup:
  14. Try Jaune, Ocean, Violet or Vert Gazon
  15. ^^Thanks for all your help elliemay...are all the '05 city's more? and why, if you don't mind?