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  1. Hi everybody, I've already posted this thread in the part Vuitton but I would want the opinion of experts in Hermès.

    What bag looks like most the Hermès Birkin 40 black of Ashley olsen ?

    Sorry if my english is wrong...

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  2. Raphael.......I am not sure I understand what you're asking. Are you asking what other brand looks the most like Ashley's Birkin? Your english is very good but I'm just confused as to exactly how we can help.........
  3. Thanks for helping me. What I want to say there is, do you know a bag which looks like a Birkin, I don't mean a replica because I hate it, but a bag which looks stylish like a Birkin. I really love Hermès but I'm young and I can't buy a Hermès, I prefer buy a bag which looks like a Birkin whithout being a fake.

  4. Aahhh...hmmmm.......this will take some thought. I'll try to come up with something and perhaps some of our other wonderful PF'rs can too..........
  5. Try A Mulberry Bayswater
  6. Mulberry Bayswater? Lanvin Kansas bag?
  7. i think lanvin has one in similar style...
  8. Mulberry's Bayswater or Piccadilly(bigger)
  9. Whatever you buy, just don't get the Ralph Lauren Ricky! LOL

    Good luck!
  10. :roflmfao: @ 24