your opinion?

  1. I work at a major retailer (that shall remain unamed) and we just started carrying 2 new desinger lines that i am very skeptical of, not because they arent cute by my standards, but few customers like them. I fear that the clientel who come through my store are possibly just not ready for them.

    The designers are Zac Posen and Stella Mcartney. I dont know what to make of their lack of sucksess.

    If you have an opinion on the designers themselves, ide love to hear it.
  2. You want an opinion on the designers or the fact that the retailer is selling something you don't like?
  3. is sucksess also success? I'm sorry, your post was a little hard for to follow. . . I'm trying to understand.

    Both designers are wonderful in my opinion, if that's what you're asking.
  4. Swanky, I believe sucksess is a take on them being bad designers that get a lot of hype. :shrugs:

    I could have sworn it said success when I looked at it the first time and the OP may have changed it.

    I don't know much about Zac Posen, but Stella McCartney is a great designer.
  5. :confused1: so, you wanted to know my opinion about you are working in a retail that sells a few design clothing such as Stella McCartney? and you don't like it??

    In my opinion, i love Stella McCartney!

    and.. she is a great designer too!
  6. Zac Posen is a major new talented designer. Designed a gorgeous dress for someone (sorry, don't remember who, but the dress was amazing) at the Emmys. I think everyone knows Stella McCartney. These are both awesome talents. I would love to see their collections!!!.
  7. Oh my godness! Zac's Fall Collection are so BEAUTIFUL!

    [​IMG]--> LOVE IT!
  8. I think both designers have some beautiful things--apparel and accessories. Not everyone is knowledgeable about newer designers (though who hasn't heard of Stella?) and maybe it will take a little while for customers to accept them. From what I've read, in Great Britain, they have very high regard for the quality of Stella's work. Good luck and think positively!
  9. what do you think of Zac bag?


    Zac Posen "Alexia"
    With his first line of bags, Posen has created the ultimate homage to the '70s. This blue crocodile version oozes opulence.
  10. I hate it for 15k. :yucky:
  11. yes! totally ridiculous! but i think it looks very pretty!;)
  12. They are both wonderful designers IMO. Stella is so animal friendly and she has such beautiful designs. Zac Posen makes gorgeous dresses. I think they are pretty well-known names, so once your clientel become familiar with each designers' unique designs, I am sure they'll like it.
  13. I think the "problem" with Stella and Zac are that they're a little less run-of-the-mill designer. They still have an indy designer feel. The average consumer out there will probably recognize Louis Vuitton before Stella or Zac.

    Another issue I can see with Stella are that her bags aren't real leather. When you're paying that much money, most people expect leather or at least the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas...
  14. I feel like a dummy.:sweatdrop: i meant "success". I like both designers, but i was asking what you all thought.

    sorry for the confusion.
  15. I was going to post that one! LOL!!!:lol: Here are some more bags from his first collection! Enjoy! I think they are both AMAZING DESIGNERS!!!
    zac posen2 001.jpg zac posen 005.jpg zac posen 003.jpg zac posen 002.jpg NMV9033_mn.jpg zac posen 007.jpg zac posen 015.jpg zac posen 021.jpg