Your opinion: Very privé or YOYO's which look nicer on the foot?

  1. I am really new to CL's my last cutiepie is not yet 2 so for a long time I went with flats even though I am a highheel lover.

    My hubby just got me a pair of Capri sandles in nude via fleabay I love them, they just look wonderful and I especially love the nudetone just gorgeous.
    Now I want to get a pair of Very Privé or Yoyo's (as well as the slingbackversion) but wonder which look nicer on the foot?!
    I also wonder which size I should order, I have a 38.5 in the capri's and they fit very well, now 39 would have been ok too.
    What do you think?
  2. I think they're both beautiful on the foot, but the yoyos are so ladylike and they make the leg look miles long. I vote for the yoyos.
  3. I agree, one more vote for the yoyos. I actually find them more comfortable than the VPs, although the VPs have the platform, I think they are cut very narrow which makes them less comfy for me.
    Good luck finding them, they are hard to come by.
  4. me, too. the yoyos are much more comfy.
  5. i like the yoyos more too
  6. i like what i am hearing! i just purchased the yoyos from the netaporter sale this morning :smile:
  7. I must be the only one who prefers the very prive. I think the platform makes the shoe more comfortable.
  8. I agree with LavenderIce. I prefer the VPs over the Yoyos anyday. The concealed platform does help a lot.
  9. are you referring to the YoYo Zeppas?

    Catcat I prefer the YoYos and am pretty much in agreement with everyone with the reasons, but I may be biased since VPs are too narrow for me and hence I dont own any because I find them so uncomfortable.

    some YoYo eyecandy ;)


  10. Gorgeous, thanks for sharing...I think I know what I need to do next. I think it just looks more elegant without the "compensation" (which doesn't meen I won't get a VP in the future)

    But how do the yoyo's size?
    Again the only CL I have is the capri sandel in 38.5 which is fine (even if a 39 would have been ok as well) but I prefer for sandales to fit perfectly, just hate when they are too big or too narrow. (in Prada I am a 38 sometimes a 38.5)
  11. ^ I sized up a full size for the patent YoYos. They are perfect and very comfortable that way. I think I would have been ok with 1/2 size up but it would have bee a little too snug for me. Since patent takes too long to stretch I am glad with the full size.
  12. I think the VP look sexier but as everyone said they are narrow.

    The yoyo's are classic looking which can be worn forever.
  13. One more Very Prive vote here!
    Love them! Even though I dont own a YoYo YET...tried them on plenty of times & do prefer the Prive. Very comfy for me. I guess it all depends on your foot & what you are going to wear more. Or if you can, get both in different will get a lot of use out of both. :wlae::upsidedown:
  14. ^That's a good idea Stinas!

    Personally, the wider cut of the yoyo's hurts me more than the more narrow very prives. I don't know why that is the case, you would think since I have medium-wide feet they would feel better in a shoe that is wider.
  15. Maybe it's because of the platform?
    I hate the fact that I can't try them on, no shops in the south of france apart from Saint Tropez . So I will have to order over the phone or wait until january when I will be back in Paris.