YOUR OPINION: venetia or blake? quilted or not?

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  1. which do you prefer: venetia or blake? quilted or not? and why? i am thinking of getting my next MJ, but not sure which yet. (i am also considering the MP)
  2. I prefer Blake, because it's a shoulder bag and I believe is a bit more functional than venetia. I also have a problem with the strap over the top of the venetia. Some colors look better quilted, and some not, so I can go either way on the quilting.
    However, I prefer MP over both of those bags. The non-quilted MP is much cuter, IMO.
    Good luck bagpunk!
  3. I prefer the Blake, not quilted. I like it so much I actually bought two of them. It is a great everyday bag. It has three compartments so everything is organized. The only drawback is that it is a little heavy.
  4. I would def. go with the venetia...and I'm not a fan of the MJ quilted (except the east west stam looking bag in muse) so I would go with the non quilted. The blake seems like a "mature" bag to me, the venetia is just a bit more fun. Let's put it this way, if i was picking for me, I'd say venetia, If for my mom, I'd go blake.

    Why not a small MP? I love mine...very practical, doesn't get as heavy as venetia. It's roomy enough to hold my MJ wallet, agenda book, and some cosmetics....

    Let us know what you decide and good luck!
  5. I personally don't like quilted MP especially its thick chain, the style itself is not as lady-like as Blake and Venetia to me. It depends on your taste and preference, go for quilted MP if you like that funky vibe it gives. Since you already have a Stam, you might or might not want something different.

    If you are set on getting a quilted style, then I vote for Venetia over Blake. I like non-quilted Blake more than quilted Blake. Venetia and Blake are both great bags. Style-wise, Venetia is more sophiscated looking to me. Blake is smaller and has compartments which keep things organized.
  6. tPFer Sugarstarfish posted pictures of her Soft Calf Blake (in Petunia) & Quilted Blake (Black, nappa leather).



  7. hey bag.lover - is that a quilted blake or a quilted venetia? the strap across the top threw me...i thought that was venetia only?? not that i know, though - you're def. the expert :smile:

  8. The black colored bag is quilted Venetia (nappa leather version from Fall 2005). The pink colored non-quilted bag is Blake (Petunia from Spring 2004). Both styles can be found in quilted leather version for several seasons. Quilted Venetia is not made for Resort 06 which is also the last season for Quilted Blake. I don't see both of them in Spring 07 MJ lookbook.

  9. Ooops, typo. Thanks Shoppingsmycard for catching that. =) I meant to say:

    tPFer Sugarstarfish posted pictures of her Soft Calf Blake (in Petunia) & Quilted Venetia (Black, nappa leather).

  10. wow....i'm just impressed i knew....sigh, this forum (and bag.lover) have brought me a long way, baby! LOL!
  11. WOW I REALLY like the blake in petunia... and I'm not a blake fan... AT ALL.
  12. with venezia, you have to unbuckle the strap each time you need to open the bag? i prefer quilted venetia myself, so far. but not sure about having yet another quilted look, might be a bit much, and also the unbuckling each time worries me.

    with blake, do you know why it does not look as structured as one seen carried by Lindsay Lohan in our celebrity thread?

    you can't carry venetia by the shoulder, but can do so with blake ya?

    as for the MP, the quilted version seem to be hanging a bit lower (upper hip) compared to the non-quilted version (snug under arm, by the rib) when carried, is this really so?

    do you know which season is the blake sap green? and how much it retail/ed for?

    i heard the bottom corners of blakes are easily worn is this true? i heard of it becoming so only after a few wear...
  13. 1. Members suggest leaving Venetia unzipped or the straps unbuckled.
    2. I can carry both Venetia & Blake on my shoulder. Blake has longer shoulder straps, Venetia is more of a hand-held bag.
    3. Sap Green is from Fall 2004, Blake retails for $950USD then. Blake's price was increased twice ($950 -> $975 -> $995).
    4. Blake has protective metal feet on the base of the bag. Mine is okay. =)

    Discussion on Blake vs Venetia
  14. Yup, good to know that. =)
    I can be wrong of course (getting old & forgetful), don't ever hestitate to correct me. Would have gotten other members confused if you didn't pick it up. =) Thanks.
  15. i'm not a huge quilted fan but i love the quilted venetia!