your opinion plz

  1. check this out, i found it on sale *which something very rare for the knot clutch line*

    let me know ur opinion.:yahoo:
  2. i love the knot clutch. this one is very understatement, and I think you will be able to use it for years to come. good choice!

  3. Love it. 'nuff said?
  4. Elegant and subtle - nice going!
  5. Love it! May I ask how much it was?
  6. I love it too. Nice choice.
  7. it used to be around 2k$ I'll get it for 1k$

    Thanks all =)
  8. it's beatiful - chic and understated. congrats on such a fab deal !
  9. You lucky woman!! What a great price for the knot clutch--I love this style.
  10. Yes, what a steal! I love that it's like gunmetal and not black which would be harsh. A classic that would last for years to come. Oh, you lucky woman!
  11. What a wonderful clutch!!! Congratulations, I'd make sure to get it at that price!!!
  12. :heart: LOVE it, and for that price...*gasp*. Please post "action" pics when you receive it!
  13. :nuts:

    LOVES it!!! Oh, you lucky thang!! Action pics are def a must! :yes: