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  1. I am about to get a special handbag for my 40th birthday, the only criteria being it is black leather and a classic design that in 10 years time won't look dated.
    To date I have always purchased from LV but I have not been able to find anything I like by them that fits this criteria
    I have never been a mulberry customer but I saw the black regular size 'alice' in a local department store and was smitten. I thought that was it and that would be the one for me but then I picked up a Bayswater and I was torn.
    Of the two I know the Bayswater is the classic bag, it is an iconic mulberry bag. The one I was looking at was the small classic grain which I preferred as it appeared more structured and also I liked when the SA showed me you could loosen the sides a little to make it look more casual.
    I just can't get the 'alice' out of my head but I'm not 100% it won't date and more importantly as a novice to mulberry I'm concerned by the lack of posts I see about it by you ladies. Was this bag popular with you when it was launched? Or is it one you think that will be retired in a couple of seasons? Practicality wise the Alice bag would work better at this moment in time as I have two children and I like its shoulder strap/versatility. However, I'm prepared to wave what is more practical child wise as I have other bags I can use when I'm not with my husband and alone with little ones
    Thank you for your help
  2. Hello MrsKTI and welcome to the Mulberry forum. To be fair I'm not too familiar with the Alice so I can't really make a comment about it, personally I can't see it being a Mulberry keeper as far as the style is concerned and Mulberry keeping it in their collection. I can see perfectly your argument about having the shoulder/cross body strap for its versatility, but in my honest opinion you could never go wrong with a Bayswater. It's a truly timeless classic beautiful bag that will take you anywhere from morning to night. It's a roomy bag which you can fill to the brim with all of your bits and pieces but sometimes I just take mine out with phone, make up bag , purse and keys and it simply does the job! So my choice would DEFINATELY be the Bayswater. Loved and looked after properly it will last you years and still look as good as the day you bought it. In a word.........Gorgeous!
  3. Thank you Binny
    I tried the Bayswater on again today (with silver hardware) and it looks so smart but at same time looks great with a casual outfit. As much as the Alice has the strap and it seems more versatile to carry, the Bayswater seems a better bag inside as you can open it up and see everything whereas with the Alice is super slouchy
  4. Sadly I don't think the Alice will date well.

    My advice would be a Bayswater. It's an icon, durable, classy and will last if you pick a good leather colour and type. My first bayswaters is 10yrs old this year and she looks gorgeous (I'm bias!).

    Happy choosing. :biggrin:
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply
  6. Welcome!

    I don't have either, but agree with Panda, Alice probably isn't a stayer and definitely won't be seen as an iconic bag like a Bays is

    I like Alice, but snoozed and missed the leather I would have bought it in and a Bays is too big for my needs and prefer a cross body or hobo - out if the two I'd go for a bays

    Really depends what you want the bag for i.e. work or play or both?

    Have you considered a Lily?
  7. Hi- I have seen the lily but I'm after a larger bag thank you
    I do not need a bag for work so it is purely for whilst being out & about or shopping
    The more I think about it I think it will be the Bayswater. The one I saw was the same price as the Alice and I must admit when the two are alongside the Bayswater looks a lot more bag for the money/fitting of the price tag.
  8. Out of the 2 I would chose the Bayswater all day long :smile: I do like the Alice, I think it's a lovely bag but if you need to choose just one Mulberry then in my opinion, make it a classic.

    The only word of advice I would give you is please do look carefully into the type of leather you want. I see you mention you've seen the classic grain - an excellent choice in my opinion. Your only other choice if buying new is NVT and this is not as hard wearing as classic grain. This doesn't bother some people at all but it bothers me hugely - my first Mulberry is NVT and I wish I'd known how delicate and high maintenance it was before I bought it!
  9. I own both bayswaters & regular sized alice.
    Carry all on shoulder.

    Alice is tricky, imo.
    Because feel only looks good in certain colors.
    Whereas bays looks good in most.

    Guess alice will wane from current fashions sooner.
    Same as good manners & bread machines--but still have & use mine happily. ;)
  10. Thank you- I agree the Alice is a lovely bag

  11. Hi, thanks for reply. I'm right in thinking the classic grain at £995 is the more durable leather that is more likely to hold its structure? I know they will all eventually slouch but would rather try and put it off abit!!!
    I have considered just getting both as I've had moments not being able to decide and they kind of serve two purposes/two different styles but I would still not want to be left with a bag in a few years I might think is aged eg the Alice-especially at that price!! (Having said that they are still competitively priced compared to some black leather bags I looked at eg the givency nightingale or LV Montaigne
  12. Hi there for me bays all the way!! But many people adore bays but just cannot use them because of the size weight and absence of a long strap so consider those.points carefully -.slouchiness you can counter with a bag liner if need be so dont worry so much about that - good luck with your choice and happy big birthday in advance
  13. Have you thought about pre loved ? You might be able have both then :graucho:
  14. Thanks but no I would personally always buy new. As I said I had considered just getting both but was a little unsure about the Alice. I had been checking here and didn't see much written about it- as I'm new to mulberry I was conscious it might be a sign you ladies didn't rate it! I could get both and I would definitely use both but I like to buy classics & wasn't sure Alice was one to those that know.
    Thank you for all your help
  15. I did see the moc croc print bays yesterday in camel (I think that's the colour!) and its divine. I'm sure they do this in black and if they do, it will be an absolute stunner. Just chucking it out there.