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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I’d like to see your opinion. I am considering buy one pre-loved medium Marcie (with shoulder strip) in tan, it was brought by the current owner back in Apr. 2011 from Chloe boutique but never been used. My question is, shall I give it a go? Considering below factors?

    - When was the medium Marcie with strip released?

    - Current owner brought it from Chloe boutique, authenticity card and dust bag still available (chloe boutique stamp is on the back of the card) but no receipt. I heard people say only both of receipt and authenticity card available then Chloe boutique will handle, in case of repair.

    - In the country where I live (Asia), sales will not begin till mid-June, what is the chance to find medium Marcie in Tan with strip in sales event? ( We have very limited consignment store which has Chloe, boutique is better option here.) Shall I wait for sales :graucho:

    - Currently she is asking about 45% of the local retail full price and not willing to go any lower as it never used. I would take it if she still has the boutique receipt, make the complete set.

    If the sales in boutique is 30%, then it make a difference, if the sales is 40% in boutique, I rather get new one. I mean though it never used, it is a bag from 2011, three years ago and I think she brought during sale as well.

    What do you all think?
  2. That's a hard decision. My personal thing about Chloe or any other brands is that I try to buy a color that I love which is "not a regular" color you can get all year round. Regular colors due to their availability are easily accessible and harder to sell in the re-sell market.

    However, for a "special" color there will always be buyers who will pay TOP dollar for them b/c they are hard to come by in good to excellent condition.

    If I were you, I'd wait until the sale in Asia and see what comes up, tan or another good color, then decide if you want to purchase brand new or through a reseller. That is of course if you're not in a hurry.
  3. I agree, go with the color you love and you will wear a lot. a lot of great deals appear on eBay and other resellers, just make sure you authenticate it first. Don't buy just because it's a good deal now.
  4. Thank you all, the owner actually took it to local Chloe boutique for some maintainence and took some pics from the boutique, she is a chloe VIP, so I think it is real, but I do found one issue with this bag, I will have it decribed in another thread.
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