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  1. Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of my DH who I've recently converted to BV with a vengence. I recently posted a pic of him with a BV leather jacket in the action thread which a few of you left some lovely comments for. He has however for the past week been asking me if he should also get the brown leather jacket which is in a very soft intreccatio weave (similar to the classic bags). I have thus far been able to stop him for 2 reasons

    (a) the jacket is around £1700 (in the sale)
    (b) I think the intrecattio weave is a bit much in the RTW (especially when it is all over the jacket and not on certain panels)

    However he has asked me to ask YOUR OPINIONS, please post your thoughts. TIA :tup:. I'll post some pics of his black leather jacket to remind you of his first BV purchase.
    bottega comparison 008.jpg bottega comparison 009.jpg bottega comparison 013.jpg
  2. Hi Syma, do you have a pic of the intrecciato jacket? I'm trying to imagine it. Somehow am not too keen about it. I love the pure leather with studs one here. Maybe uclaboi or claus could chime in with their opinions.
  3. Hi Syma! I actually saw that jacket while there shopping and I thought it was a bit much on an entire jacket....I love the stud stamped one however. The all over weave was a bit....overwhelming, so to speak. :s
  4. Thank you Ms Piggy (unfortunately I don't have a pic) but it is like a bomber jacket with buttons (no zip) and a stand up collar in intreccatio all over) and Olympia177. Please keep the comments coming....
  5. I've seen it, and I think it would be way too much, especially on a man.

  6. hi Syma, from your description of the intrecciato jacket, I'm think it might make him look like a bag! Sorry Mr Syma :p

    He looks chic in the stud jacket, btw!
  7. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I am staring at my ebano campana and trying to picture "a bomber jacket with buttons (no zip) and a stand up collar"...:wacko:... it's not easy.

    To me it's kind of busy and rather old looking. Also, imagine how the elbow parts would eventually look like...

    I'd love to see it in real life, though.
  9. I found a pic of the jacket on, here it is (sorry I was wrong about the collar and the colour was not dark brown (bad lighting in my BV store) but the same as seen on the model..
  10. syma, I think it's a bit over done for a jacket... I personally like the black one better than the brown one..
  11. um, he looks quite reptile...

  12. I agree with everyone else - if the intrecciato were done in thin slivers or on the trims, it would look nice, but it's a bit much when it's covering the entire jacket.
  13. Syma, your DH looks really good in that jacket! I agree with everyone's comments.. the black one with studs is much nicer than the brown woven one.
  14. I can't say I'm crazy about the intrecciato jacket, I feel like it would have a country-western feel if not styled just right. His black studded jacket is so fantastic, I think he should be content with just that one.

    but then again, is it really worth discouraging his desire to purchase more BV?! :angel:;)
  15. Syma, it`s funny that both of the jackets were worn by the exact same model on the runway!

    But anyways, Im not too fond of the woven jacket either. I`m sure it`s beautifully made, but for me there`s just too much going on: the weaving, the big buttons, the big cuffs. It could have lookes better either with a zipper or in a different color, but Bronzo is too flashy on that one, although not a flashy color in general.

    So if he likes a leather jacket in a lighter color, I`d suggest the one I attached.

    BTW: Did he move on to men`s bags already? ;o)
    00070m.jpg 00170m.jpg