your opinion please :]

  1. what do you think of these Jil Sander pumps?

    your opinions are much appreciated :idea:

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    00220m.jpg 00180m.jpg 00240m.jpg
  2. i love them, trying to decide if more with the pant or skirt but so love them :tup:
  3. If they were higher I would like them, but as they are they look severe and blocky.
  4. they look very chunky/blocky to me. i'm not too into that.
  5. I think they look a little blocky but that is me. I may see them on you and think they were fab. I think they are more of a shoe with pants though.
  6. I'm not really into this look...
  7. They're kind of blocky, and I'm not too into that look. Sorry!