Your opinion, please: Lockheart Courtney Crusade

  1. So all the Lockheart bags I've seen so far have been too frilly and ornate to pique my interest....but then I saw this. Normally I don't tend to go for black bags (I usually prefer some accentuating color to add some interest to whatever I'm wearing) but this one really caught my eye since it's different. It looks like it can be dressed up or down, and could hold a lot. My only hesitation is that it's $800+ and the only website I can find it on is, which never has promo, what do you ladies think of it?
  2. Not my style personally, but that's just me. I'm sorry :sad:
  3. I think it depends on your style. If it suits you and you love it, I say go for it. But like mandyfin, it's not my personal style either.
  4. Not my style either. I think I am turned off by the Cross on the bag. Is it making a religious statement? Because of the name I think of bad connotations. The Crusades were brutal & Barbaric. I don't know about this line. And I am a Christian. I regularly wear a cross but on the bag it seems odd. Wish they'd go back to some of the original Isabella Fiore type styles.
  5. I think it is a really cool bag, more rock and roll.
  6. I am sorry to add my name to the list of 'not my style'. The only other thing to consider I guess is the quality of the leather if you love the design - have you seen it IRL? Is it worth that much money in terms of quality?
  7. yes, I saw it. The leather is really, really nice.
  8. I have to agree not my style.
  9. It looks great if your style is more Rock/Edgy/Punk/goth etc ;)
  10. Thanks everyone for your opinions! Since you all are bag conoisseurs, I value your opinion and it's interesting to hear different perspectives :idea:
  11. I love the LOCKHEART handbags, but this one isn't my favorite. I do like a lot of their bags, especially this one. But the price tag-not so much!:confused1: ($795)
  12. Great if you've got a bit of a gothic style going (but not my style either I'm afraid!!)
  13. It's well made, but not my style at all, the cross is just so gothic, but great, if that's what you're aming for :smile: