Your Opinion Please...Fendi 'Small Chameleon' Zip Top Tote

  1. I love the small size too. It's perfect size to fit my 7" Samsung tablet plus other stuff that I usually carry. I went to the store yesterday and SA told me Tricolour version only comes in Large but I saw this tricolour one from Nordstrom in small size. I am wondering will this model be brought into Singapore, if not I will have to order it online but read another thread about the horror story with Nordstrom, I have second thoughts.
  2. I'm finding my red small quite heavy. What do you think of yours?
    But I do LOVE the bag!
  3. I agree...It is just a little heavier than my Medium Chloe Marcie. But, I love it so much that I make sure that I don't stuff it too much to keep the weight down a little more. Then, it is okay. Bag is stunning!

    I got the black. Your red is amazing IRL.