Your opinion on Yoox vs. Blue Fly

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  1. Have shopped at Blue Fly a few times, not a bad experience... seems to be that Yoox is kind of similar, right or wrong? Even though the product presentation is pretty bad at Yoox I have found a few items that I would like to try but the problem is they are kind of pricey even though the discount is good. Don't want to take any chances so... any opinions of Yoox? How is their customer service? Easy to return items? Do they give a refund for returns?
  2. I've never ordered from BlueFly but have ordered several things from Yoox. I've never had to return anything to Yoox so I don't know how their CS is in that regard. Every item I have ordered from Yoox has come from Italy but they process the orders really quickly and even with ground shipping to the West Coast, stuff usually arrives within a week or so (items are sent by air to East Coast first).

    I've been happy with my shopping experiences and purchases on Yoox.

    I like the stuff on Yoox because they carry a lot of European-based labels that are harder to find in the US (and usually really pricey when I can track something down).
  3. I have ordered from Bluefly and it was ok. I think Bluefly has the 60 day return policy. I haven't ordered from Yoox before.
  4. I've never purchased from Yoox before, but I've used BlueFly quite often - All of the products that I've received appear to be brand-new in pristine packaging (their presentation is delightful!) but I've only ever returned one thing. The return policy, if I remember correctly, is 60 days for a full refund, minus shipping and handling, or a site-credit refund, including shipping and handling, within 90 days (?).. I've purchased everything from Rock Republic jeans, to Armani shirts, to Prada wallets, and I've yet to be disappointed! I obviously give BF a raging review!

    I -do- have a lady friend who purchased a pair of Roberto Cavalli shoes from Yoox a while ago, and she thought they were a relatively average retailer: no special presentation, customer service, etc. Sort of like purchasing from Macy's, I'd imagine?

    Best of luck! xo
  5. Haah.... Macy's is NOT my favorite retailer :shucks:
  6. i've ordered from bluefly. i have kept all my orders except for a coat, which turned out to be too big for me. I had trouble returning it. I returned it within the given policy, but they said it smelled like it was worn. i was pretty mad since i acutally only tried it on twice (so... what? like 10 minutes total??), and returned it immediately thereafter. Therefore, either that bluefly was smelling something (b/c it wasnt in my closet long enough to absorb a scent) or bluefly accepted a return that was already worn! both of which I would be upset!

    about a month after sending in my return, i received my coat back. then, I spent about 1.5 hours on the phone, eventually talking to a manager. I had a lot of trouble, and dont want to bother w/ those detail. to say the least, it was a headache, and since then I have never purchased from them.
  7. Ordered from both Bluefly and Yoox, never had to do any returns but had some issues with my order at both but had pleasant experiences with both in solving the issues.
  8. personal experience: Bluefly is overpriced considering that often times it is past season merchandise.

    You have to really know your prices to get a good deal on there

  9. I have ordered from bluefly numerous times and had to return something 3 times and had no problem at all credit card was credited within 3 days. Also ordered from yoox and the experience was fine but the color of the sneakers was off. I kept them anyway so I dont know how their customer service is.
  10. I've been a Bluefly shopper since the very beginning of the website. I bought a pair of Frye boots for $50!! Back then, there were bargains. Nowadays, meh. Their prices have gone up along with their profile- they advertise quite a bit (product placement on Gossip Girl, that naked chick going through airport security TV ad, etc).

    IMHO, their CS has declined. I shop and return quite a bit. On one occasion, I ordered a swimsuite, but only the top arrived. Most recently, I returned two items and elected to ship on my own (not using the label provided). They only credited me for ONE returned item, claiming they never received the second item. Thankfully, I had shipped via FedEx and had all the tracking and insurance information. I haven't ordered from them since because of the spotty service.

    I have never ordered from Yoox.
  11. BlueFly's items are overpriced IMO. i've seen some items on there for a year and still won't be marked down past 50% off retail. i don't even bother checking their website since i know there are better bargains out there. the one time i ordered from bluefly went smoothly and everything was packaged nicely though.
  12. I've shopped with both and have not had trouble returning anything.
  13. I buy from YOOX more than BlueFly. For me YOOX has more interesting stuffs like hard to find Euro brands. Since they don't charge on C.C. until they ship, canceling order is pretty easy that it can be done on MYOOX page. Also they have warehouse in NJ and I'm in NYC, items usually arrive on next day via standard shipping.
  14. i prefer Yoox to Bluefly - I've found Yoox has higher-end products and some more obscure European designers. Also, all the items I've received from Yoox are always pristine, while Bluefly has occassionally sent me something that, while technically still "new" was clearly a very-shopworn floor model, KWIM?
  15. I've never had trouble ordering from either site, but I will say that BlueFly doesn't have as good of deals as in previous years. And I really get annoyed at how they seem to always inflate the retail price of things to make their discounts look more substantial. I think that's very misleading.