your opinion on this red chanel

  1. yay or nay on this red chanel bag?

  2. that's really pretty! i love the medallion tote and it looks hot in red!
  3. It's just eh to me. I think it's a little too flashy.
  4. it's ok, i prefer the dark red (bordeaux) that will be coming out.
  5. It looks fake.
  6. me too
  7. That's what I'm thinking too...
  8. I hate to jump on the "not so much" train with all the others. But I'm just not wild about this. It doesn't seem very Chaneley.
  9. I love the color, but for some reason not in the medallion tote.
  10. It looks fake and IMHO, even if it isn't, I just think it's kind of ick.

    It is just about the only red bag I haven't loved.
  11. Yeah, the medallion doesn't seem like it goes well with colors that POP. Def looks better with more subtle colors.
  12. nay.. i don't like big bags with flashy colors like that. i like hints of color with smaller bags. that '05 red would look so lovely on a medium flap!
  13. I don't think that's the '05 red (not bright enough), and I haven't seen that shade of red in the Medallion tote, so I have to wonder if it's real or not too. :sad:
  14. thanks for all your inputs ladies...
  15. YAY for me! :biggrin: