Your opinion on this outfit...

  1. Truthfully, do the boots work with the dress, both style and color-wise? And does the outfit look better with or without the opaque tights??? And in general, do these color boots go with 'everthing' including black and grays?
    boots.jpg boots1.jpg
  2. i like it with tights
  3. I also prefer it with tights. can't really comment well on the color because I can't see them clearly enough, but it seems like yes, these go with all colors.
  4. Oh I love it!!!!!!! With or without the tights! :girlsigh:
  5. i can't really tell but it looks like the boots have some sort of design...well i don't like them IMO but they look better with the tights
  6. i like it with tights too!
  7. with tights!
  8. I like it with the tights but I think it would look better with black boots with the tights. Without the tights the boots look okay but my preference would be black tights and black boots. Just my opinion, and I wear a lot of black so keep that in mind.
  9. i like it with the tights.
  10. thanks everyone
  11. With tights. cute.
  12. with tights...without looks a bit britney spearsish
  13. Because they are brown I like the outfit much better without the tights. It looks cute, but the boots seem pretty casual for that dress imo...
  14. i can't really tell the style of the dress or exact colors from your pictures but i think you look more slimmer with the tights and the detail of the boots seem to show better against your black tights.
  15. Okay, to throw something else in the mix, what accesorries would you wear with the outfit (keep it subtle or some other color to make it pop)???