Your opinion on this green for SLG please

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  1. hi ladies, i would love your opinion on this color.

    i would love a black/blue/red option but im afraid this SLG is no longer in production, so waiting is not an option for me.

    will you go for this color if you really love the style?

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  2. Yes I definitely would. It's a beautiful color.
  3. Its a Gorgeous and Unique color. Its definitely a "Yes"
  4. I have a Mini in this same color except it's Lambskin and I love it!!!

  5. Get it:smile: it adds a nice pop of color to your collection at a low price point
  6. Yes! Chanel greens don't come along very often, at least not nice emeralds like this appears to be.
  7. Definitely Yes. This color reminds me of a lucky clover and in a SLG almost like a lucky charm :smile: :yes:
  8. Very nice!
  9. This is definitely a keeper!!
  10. Yes! It is a beautiful color!
  11. I have 15B red caviar rhw small wallet. I bought it last year together with my 15B black caviar mini. This red wallet so pretty andd I love the flap look so much but I just not using it! lol Sigh.
    Buy what you love dear! 1464667547464.jpg

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  12. It's a lovely green!

  13. I have this in a mini, love the color
  14. this green is really pretty!
  15. dear ladies, thank you so so much for your invaluable input.

    i've decided that green isn't what i really wanted & decided i shudn't be sacrificing my color preference for style.