Your opinion on this bag...

  1. The Epi Nocturne PM, that is. I'm pretty certain it's not being made anymore as the style has been discontinued. :hrmm: I don't know why I keep falling for the discontinued bags. :Push:

    Anyway, it's a shoulder bag and I'm wondering what you gals all think about it. The size will be larger than most of my current bags so size is not an issue. What I want to know is, does it look too "structured"??

    In case you have no idea which bag I'm referring to, I did a google search and found this:

    Thanks! :heart:

  2. Lovely color but it's a bit small for me.
  3. i love the sizem the shape, and the color!
  4. Stunning, yes it's structured but it's very elegant. How are thinking of wearing it ?
  5. I love that style of bag! My friend has one in lilac and it's so gorgy!! :love:
  6. While I love the color, it really has nothing going on.
  7. very mod. I like it.
  8. For work and for play...I honestly don't know! :blink: I'm always drawn to epi bags because to me it's a low-profile purse. I love those little legs on the bottom. :love:
  9. As in too bland? too structured? I'm worried that it's too "formal"/"serious". :shocked:
  10. I guess a little hardware or something. Epi can tend to be very conservative, which I really am not. So for me, it would be a little too serious or bland.
  11. I really like the little detail on the side
    Very mod :yes:
  12. i think it's kind of bulky under the arm...
  13. gotcha luccibag! :P

    mas2388 - I'm hoping the drop is long enough to avoid the log-in-armpit-phenomenon. :roflmfao:
  14. I love the oval detailing on the older epi bags, it's so sleek ! It's been discontinued for some time I believe.. so it'd be fab if you could snag one !
  15. sratsey & ayla, I love that little detail too. I really don't understand why they keep discontinuing epi bags while not really introducing any new ones (shoulder bags in particular).