Your opinion on these Louboutin's

  1. Okay so I ALREADY ordered these and they are on their way but I am kinda having second thoughts. I think I will keep them if you think I can wear them in the Fall/Winter!?! What do you guys think, yeah or nah?

  2. I like the style but not sure about the color. I'm sure you can wear them in fall/winter but I don't know what to pair them with.
  3. Okay good then they can go through Fall/Winter. I was going back and forth on them. I plan on pairing them with jeans and a chocolate-colored turtleneck or a brown dress!
  4. That sounds very nice. I was thinking about pairing them with jeans too. They probably will look great with a dress as well. Maybe a solid color dress so it won't take any attention away from the shoes. I think you just have to experiment to find what suits you best. Perhaps you can model some pictures for us once you receive them.
  5. They are what, tortiseshell style patent leather? Id think they would be incredibly wearable, almost a neutral!


    I envy you all. I can't walk in heels, I can't hardly walk barefoot, combination of no grace, and no balance, and that my feet just hurt in shoes. Picture a linebacker clomping around in a pair of stilettos...that would be me.
  6. Okay I will. Now I am kinda excited about them again. They should be here on the 13th. I think they really do have a cool look to them.
  7. I want those so bably but i know i can't walk in such high heels
  8. LOL You are a riot! :roflmfao:I am a midget so I need the heels! And yes they are tortoiseshell-style patent leather.
  9. please post pics when u get them
  10. No problem, will do!
  11. They are GORGEOUS!!! I tried on a pair in Vegas and my husband gave the ok, but then Iwalked and I swear I heard the collective gasp from every single salesperson in the Saks telling me "OH MY GOD DO NOT BUY THESE SHOES, You're a travesty!" haha!
  12. Those are beyond cute!!!
    Yes, if you live in Texas you can wear them all year long. I live in NJ and in the winter it gets pretty cold so cold that my toes feel like they are going to freeze off.
    I have those in green patent. They are pretty comfy actually. You can wear them with a lot of things. They go great with jeans! Post pics when you get them!
  13. AWWW sorry! LOL Surely it couldn't be THAT bad!?!

    I am so glad you said that they are gorgeous as I have never seen them IRL.
  14. Green!?! I have been looking for cute green shoes EVERYWHERE! :wtf:
  15. those shoes are gorgeous, you can definitely wear them all year around in texas. can't wait for you to get them.