Your Opinion on the Fendi B Bag

  1. I do not own any fendi bags, I had been looking around at the different spy bags before I was the B Bag for the first time.

    In your opinion will the B Bag stay around for a while??
    The spy is still very popular. I would like one of each, but
    I can only purchase one at a time:shame:

    Note: I love the B Belt have not been able to find one yet!
  2. I was never a fan of SPY bag until I saw it IRL. Now I think that I have to see all the bags I have second thoughts about IRL before I make up my mind. However, I think B Bag is too trendy for me and too much $$$ for something that I will probably wear just a few times. How about buying a SPY AND a B Belt?:biggrin:
  3. I can do that !

    I had the same thought it will be a trendy purchase.

    Question, when you purchase a Fendi does it come in a nice box??
  4. I didn't get one because I didn't get it from a Fendi store. I bought mine from a Fendi section inside the department store. Mine just came in a Fendi dust bag. I didn't even get a Fendi shopping bag.:sad2: :lol: I don't even know if Fendi has boxes, do they?
  5. I got my Fendi spy and B.Fendi from a Fendi store and neither of them came in boxes.
  6. Thanks for the box info.
  7. That is a tough choice. I would go with the spy but it's close because I love the b bag also. I would go with whatever is available first and instead of thinking I was being impatient I would say it was fate.
  8. I got my Spy bags from Fendi in Beverly Hills and they came in boxes. And I agree with LV_Addict, go with the Spy bag. They are light and really roomy
  9. I have both, and like the Spy better than the B Bag. More utility.
  10. I tried many B-bags recently and none of them suit me as well as the spy. I think the spy is more versatile than the B-bag and alot prettier.
  11. I love both the Spy & Bbag.
    For Bbag, I think the trendiness factor depends very much on the color choice (ie. Red, Blue) and material. If you go for neutral color like 'Black on Black' or 'Black Patent on Tan leather', Bbag looks extremely classy and elegant. I love it so much that I can't stop raving about it. =)

    If I were to choose 1 for myself, I would get small Bbag. Spy is too big for my petite frame, baby Spy is just not the same.
  12. am thinking can the B bag be shoulder carried? i would go for a petrol spy for now which is my current obsession but cant afford as of the moment *sigh* maybe in a few months from now
  13. LiLo said on a E! interview the other day that the Spy was so out and the B-bag was in and that it was her fave bag!
  14. Bbag can be carried on the shoulder for me.
  15. Yes, but only if you are not wearing a coat.