Your opinion on Soia & Kyo Coats please? (especially the buttons!)

  1. Hi ladies,
    May I ask for your opinion on Soia & Kyo? I recently purchased the houndstooth Billy coat:

    I *thought* it was lovely, but when my bf saw it, he said something very tactfully but which basically meant, "Eh. I don't like the pattern, and especially the buttons."

    I've regretted some horrendous/pricey fashion purchases that seemed fantastic at the time, so may I ask: What's your honest opinion? :tup: or :tdown:? (I'm in my mid-20s, looking for a coat I'll wear for a couple seasons, at least.)

    I appreciate your help!
  2. congrats on your new coat! it's very cute! i recently got a coat from revolve and it's the same brand. mine has the big buttons too, that's what i love the most! i think soia & kyo coats are really well made and i think you did great picking out yours.
  3. Honestly, the coat is just too big for me. The pattern is a little too big and the buttons are too oversized. I do have to say, the style of the coat is super cute, I just wish it was a little toned down.
  4. The collar would bug me, but i really like big buttons. I'd go for a plain color though, not a pattern if you want it to last you a couple seasons..
  5. I think this jacket is really cute. In fact, I wanted to get one myself! But, I'm a tiny girl and the coat is just way too overpowering on me. Love the style, though, and I think if you can pull this off you're really lucky to be able to wear such a modern twist on a classic.
  6. I bought the Soia & Kyo coat in white with big buttons (the belted style) and loved it! I've received many compliments on the purchase. I'm 26.
  7. I love Soia & Kyo coats and think the oversized buttons are fun and youthful. I even like the pattern that you got - you're really going to stand out wearing that coat! Gets a big :tup: from me!
  8. I like it...but I don't LOOOOVE it.
  9. I actually just picked up the billy coat in dark gray and LOVE it! I was sooo torn though, I love the houndstooth!

    My bf had a similar comment about the buttons...he said they were big enough to eat on. I sort of love that part of it though :biggrin:
  10. i actually quite love this coat, esp the collar and the pattern!
    however, owning a soia & kyo wool coat myself, i've noticed that the material isn't that great -- it was really quick to start pilling, much more so that any other coat i've ever owned...just my own experience though...
  11. There's a version of this coat at L&T in white and grey, and I'm considering getting it. I love the buttons, for the record.
  12. Thanks so much for your helpful opinion, everyone! It was fun to get some fashion 2 cents from you ladies. (And to know that my tastes aren't THAT off--yet)

    I'd like to keep it as a fun coat, but my iffiness still about the loud houndstooth + loud buttons, not to mention the price, is reason enough to return the coat... :sad:

    What do you think about their (somewhat) more conservative coats, like the Namie, in black?

  13. That is the one that I really like! But I think I want it in Cherry. I have been wanting a nice red coat for a long time.
  14. I like the one you just posted better! I like houndstooth patterns but it does look a little too loud coupled with large buttons. Soia & Kyo has lots of cute jackets and coats, love them!
  15. ^^ I agree. Both are really nice but this last one is gorgeous. I also think you would get more use out of it.
    I purchased a Soia & Kyo trench last spring (with big buttons) and have gotten so many compliments on it. I love their coats.