your opinion on kate spade college hill in red

  1. [​IMG]

    the wool gives it a winter feel..
    i'm contemplating the red one.
    i saw the light heather grey one at Nordstroms as well
    but i think the red will go better with my white winter coat.

    your opinions?

    love it? hate it?
  2. I do like the color...the style just isn't really me. But if you like it then go for it!! I love heather grey too, that might be a good choice as well!

    decisions decisions huh?!
  3. not my personal style but if you like it go for it. i think kate spade is underrated and i love the idea of a wool bag with a wool coat!
  4. I think it's adorable!
  5. I have a Kate Spade red wool bag but in a different style. I really like it. Since its wool I just use it in the Winter so even though I've had it a while its like new. The one in the pic though I really like too!