Your opinion on Juicy jewelry..

  1. Hi...
    what's your honest opinion on Juicy...I was thinking of those charm bracelets...and necklaces, for their design...

    however I don't know if I go for them or not...

    most pieces are gold 12 or 14 plated over there is a quality issue...I wonder if they get brassy quickly
  2. Do you mean it's 12-14 microns over brass? If so then based upon your description it sounds like they'll show the underlying metal fairly quickly. How quickly can also depend on body chemistry. Some people find that overlaid gold changes more quickly on them versus others. Also, you can apply a thin coat of clear polish over the item to minimize the gold overlay flaking off. I have no personal experience with their jewelery, though.
  3. Most of their stuff is 14k gold-plated brass or rhodium-plated brass
    but I have seen 10k plated ...
    Here is the link ...
  4. I love it. Very whimsical and unique! I wear mostly plain, classic clothes (in f/w dark denim, cashmere sweater, ankle boots) so a little punch from a great jewelry piece is really fun.

    Quality is OK but not the best. I have some heart earrings which are a little chipped and of my two charm bracelets one of the charms came off. This could be due to too much clanking while I'm on my laptop but whatever.
    Juicy charm 1.jpg Juicy charm 2.jpg
  5. Some of it is very cute.

    I have the tiara earrings and the engagement ring charm.
  6. Its cute,but it isnt worth the $$. The only thing I would purchase out of their line is their starter charm braclet. My mother sells high-end custom jewlery,and she told me that juicy uses the cheap stuff. For custome jewlery I would purchase Chanel.
  7. Chintzy...
  8. I love it..different,chic & gorgeous
  9. Some styles are very cute but it's rather overpriced here in UK. I think I would save up for Chanel or Dior instead.
  10. I like it, cute charms, great on bags.
  11. LOVE my new charm bracelet!! Can't wait to wear it when school starts. It's a bit heavy, but I asked a lot of tPFers here first, and they said it really holds up, so I went for it...great price for gold [even if it's just plated] jewelry!
  12. I love their jewelry. I think that the designs are very cute and creative. I just received a new Juicy necklace from my bf and it is gold with a crystal heart charm. Love it:heart:
  13. I think their charms are gorgeous and the designs are the best around, I'm just not sure if I like the starter bracelet enough to buy them.
  14. i love their jewelry. i always put their charms on my speedy or other bags-- looks fabulous!
  15. Some of it I like, some of it I don't like.

    But the charms look so cute on bags! When I get my Azur Pochette, im going to buy a charm to put on the bag!