Your Opinion on Fakes

  1. I've spoken to my friends about this as well and their views on people with fake LV vary from "absolutely disgusted" to "good choice". Personally I feel annoyed because I've actually gone out and paid good money for it and then some ugly toad walks buy with a Multicolor Papillon (which doesn't even exist). But sometimes I feel good because I can have a real one and they've got a fake. So it varies with me too. :confused1:
  2. Fakes = disgusting and really ugly, embarrassing, illegal, not worth the money.
  3. They are illegal aren't they, but they can only prosecute people who sell them not possess them.
  4. I don't really care about other people as long as I know mine is authentic! :p
  5. sooo embarrassing to have one. if i dont have money to buy the real thing, ill only get other brand which will fit my budget
  6. It really is none of my business what people carry. I don't think people who buy fakes care about the history behind fakes and where the money goes.

    I was at a party a few weeks ago and this lady sold purses and was trying to sell people there, what made me laugh is that she went on and on about how her stuff is mirror image, just as good as original and this group of ladies all with her fakes probably agreed and my friend and I were trying not to laugh because her fake paddington was made of plastic with plastic leather and we just thought that just screams fake. So for me to watch someone go on and on about fakes kind of makes me want to show that there is a quality difference but these women at the party would not know a real designer purse (no matter what the designer if it hit them on the head).
    My friend has been given a few fakes by a sweet old lady friend who is doing it out of kindness because she knows my friend loves LV, she thought these things would cheer my friend up during her cancer treatment. My friend really won't carry them but I think just to be kind did once or twice in front of this woman. I have seen a few fakes on people I met that were really good and these people were more than happy to show me their purses and if one did not own a LV you would never tell the difference. So there are people who can copy LV and do it probably 95% right. To me people can do what ever they want but I do find it funny if you have a purse that screams fake to go on and on about how real it is. I never had to justify my purses nor would I give someone the time of day to do it.
  7. fake, fugly, plastic, not good quality at all, illegal, not worth the $$$ at all,
  8. I think fakes are gross.
  9. I really don't care too much about other people carrying fakes. In Boston I think at least 50% of the designer bags girls carry are fakes! Some are very obvious, some look kind of real. I can understand wanting LV so badly but not being able to afford it, they ARE incredibly expensive. And just as I don't want people to judge me as a snob for carrying expensive handbags, I don't want to judge others for carrying fakes. I love my bags and enjoy wearing them and planning my next purchase. :smile: I love looking at what other bags people are wearing and seeing all the different LVs out there and how they look IRL. The only time I would ever have a problem is if someone was rude to me- either getting in my face about how much I spent on my bag, or acting snobby even though they carry a fake. Life's too short to worry about what other people are doing. I need all my energy for myself!
    Live and let live and love your Louis Vuitton!!
  10. Apparently they are reinforcing the european laws to fight against counterfeit.
    Since buying online became so easy, it's also too easy to buy fake everything.
    They are talking fake clothes, bags, shoes but also and foremost fake medication and toys which are truly dangerous for the consumer......
  11. Pretty much sums up my feelings...well said IMO!!
  12. I have an aunt who would donate tonnes of money to charity without even thinking and yet get so excited when she sees a fake LV in china town.. sometimes i just think to myself, who am i to judge??
  13. Lol I hate fakes for me but anyone else can do whatever they please, its none of my business
  14. hmmm. i think if you own more than two you WILL get prosecuted...
    and if you walk into an lv store, and you have a fake, it gets taken away and you have to get kicked out.
  15. Hate them with a passion... :mad:

    Like I always say "Fake bags for fake people!" :biggrin: