Your opinion on COACH producing in China now

  1. Hi everyone, I just stated this in a related discussion and would be very interested in your opinions:

    First of all, I absolutely love COACH.
    Yet, in parts of this forum, I continuously read people arguing that the quality of COACH bags has decreased since it moved its production to China recently. I am not sure I believe that just because the production of COACH items has been relocated to China that the quality of the items has decreased. Furthermore, aren't the materials still the same? Moreover, I believe Chinese workers are just as capable of assembling these parts properly as American ones and I am sure that COACH makes sure of that since they might loose a multimillion dollar business if they don’t. Additionally, various prestigious car companies, cell phone companies and designers have done the same. I strongly disagree with the fact that COACH relocated in order to exploit cheap labor but I do not believe that the actually quality of their products has decreased. Thus, I believe quality of Coach items to be as excellent as always.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. I do not feel that the quality of the products has decreased, but i just started buying Coach about a year ago so i don't know how the older styles were. I think Coach made a bad decision in moving the factory to China, but i still love Coach and i am sure, like you said MarieG that Coach makes sure that the bags are the way they are supposed to be.
  3. I have a Coach bag that I purchased in 2001 that the Coach label inside says it was manufactured in China. It still is in great shape with all the zippers/buckles still functioning correctly. So I do not think that there is a significant decrease in quality simply because they now have a manufacturing facility in China.

    Frankly, MANY goods that we purchase are "Made in China" so I cannot see it being a problem that Coach also has a facility there. But that's just my opinion and I am a little biased because I am Asian. :P

    Hope I didn't offend anyone with that post! :smile:
  4. I don't care about the made in China thing at all. I never did.
  5. My mother has been buying Coach stuff since, I think, the 70s. I've seen the quality of the stuff over the years and I do feel it has suffered since they went to China. The other reason I've mostly stopped buying Coach is the price. There was a large hobo bag they produced last year that was almost $800. Faced with that, I'd rather spend another $100-$200 and get a Balenciaga (made in ITALY) new or slightly used on eBay.

    I still like a lot of the Coach bags, but I'll never pay retail for one again.
  6. I can't totally explain it but here's the thing: I was at an outlet mall in Florida one year ago. Was TOTALLY going to buy a Coach bag. I was with DH and had his blessing and everything. Then, as I am inspecting the bag I was about to purchase... I notice that the tag says "made in China".

    Didn't buy the bag. LIKED it - but didn't buy it.

    I guess I just felt like it wasn't that special? The last 10 bags I bought that were not designer, were "made in China". So I wanted my Coach bag to be "made somewhere else". I wanted her to be special.

    Like I said, I can't totally explain this... I just didn't want it any more.

    And the bag was still pretty expensive, even though it was "made in China" AND at an outlet mall.

    Can anyone offer some insight?
  7. Coach isn't only made in China, yes a lot of handbags are but last time I checked my factory list at work there were many other countries too :smile:
  8. Yes there is a difference in quality, but they still make great bags and its not enough difference to stop me from buying them.
  9. It doesn't bother me at all...but I work for a major manufacturer that sells 50% of our product outside the US ...and manufactures a great deal of it all over the world as well.

    But lets face many of us own Japanese made electronics/cars???? And clothes made from all over creation.... Unless someone truly buys EVERYTHING 100% made in america (which I think would be pretty hard to do)...I don't see why they are complaining about coach making some of their bags in china.
  10. actually that used to be true. i'd see some of the men's wallet being made in spain, and some of the scarves for women in japan. but honestly right now, we're just producing the materials in italy (some of it in china) and the assembling of the products are in china.

    i have yet to come across a product that says something other then made in china

    but you know what, i was at Nordstroms the other day and saw this leather bag from was priced at 800$. and made in china

    at least, the one i'm selling at my store for 798 is with snake skin trim and the leather is a metallic color, with beautiful lace and studded details. not to mention the strap is braided with rings.

    i admit, i hate seeing the "made in china" tag but once i stop looking at it, i forget it and see a beautiful product that unlike some other places i know (that makes their bags in italy) that can reassure the customer that it will last for the lifetime of the bag.

    and not just two years.
  11. I agree... no others give you this guarantee.. you think theyre not going to build them to last? of course they are, they cant have these bags all starting to be sent back! the reality is that almost everything is made in china and well aslong as some the material is coming else where and the quality remains the same, I will continue purchasing Coach bags.
  12. I like Coach, still love my shoulder totes, gallery totes, and pleated hobo, but I don't buy nearly as much as I used to. I still buy some---but just not as many.

    I think the quality is still good, but I expect a lower price for a bag that is made in China. Coach is certainly seeing the benefit of lower labor costs, and consumers should also see lower prices when the cost of making the product decreases. Also, their repair policy has changed quite a bit--they used to stand behind a bag and would repair it many years later. Now, they are not as generous and charge consumers fees for such repairs.

    And, in general, I feel better about buying products that are made in places with good working working conditions and fair wages.
  13. :Push: when there is a possiblity that coach will lower their prices to reflect the labor used or raise the labor pay to reflect the price of the bag is when there is a possiblity of coach giving their sales people commission.

    i would be so :yahoo:

    but yeah. not happening anytime soon.
  14. Cheap labor, no unions = higher profit margins for Coach.

    And yes, this is going on in every manufacturing industry. Corporations are greedy. And we don't know what kinds of laws exist in different countries that compel Chanel, LV, and Gucci to remain in the EU. Perhaps their governments give them incentives NOT to outsource, unlike the U.S.
  15. As long as it is a quality product and I feel that I am getting my moneys worth, I could care less where it was made. This goes for anything, not just Coach products.

    BTW, not everything Coach produces is made in China. I know of a few new items that will be released on Monday that are made in Italy.