your opinion on birkin being overrated?

  1. I am very good friends with a SA from the LV store in vienna and we had a discussion yesterday about why the birkins are what they are: expensive, hard to come by and absolutely seen as the number 1 to own.

    first, let me explain my "history" with birkins:

    bought my first birkin, black togo 40 with gold hardware and loved it to death. then, end of march I got the offer to buy the ostrich 40 and so I did......I regrettet it just 2 weeks later and sold it to a friend.
    so, now I am looking at all your great great bags(not just hermes but everything else too) and was wondering if the birkin is overrated?

    I mean, honestly, lately I would die to get a kelly 35 or 38 in tricolor(black/grey/white) and would take that even if the sa would offer me a croc birkin, which by all means USED to be my dream bag.
    Also, in my opinion it is sooo sad for the brand hermes that only the birkins and kellys are soooo thought after(I am not talking about us hermes junkies here, but the clientel in general).

    Btw I own my black birkin now, 2 evelyns GM and a bolide 40(or maybe 38-dont know as I got it from my mum) and have to admit that I am liking kellys and bolides more than the birkin lately.and finally I just CANT see birkins anymore!I am not talking about in real life, but rather in the vogue, elle etc....
    I think I am done with birkins........

    anyone else here who thinks that other Hermes bags have more to offer sometimes???
  2. Absolutely! The Birkin is nothing but gorgeous and fabulous but there are other H bags that I want just as much. I truly think it's the Kelly that is the real H classic and I want more of these in various styles and colors than I do Birkins. Also, the Trim, Plume and Bolide are so beautiful in their understated elegance. They are practical, too!
    I love my Birkin to death but there are some places where a Birkin is tough to tote around - then I reach for my Trim and in the future, when my collection is bigger - a Plume, Kelly or Bolide.
  3. ohh greentea, we always seem to be thinking the same.

    I have been drooooling over kellys lately.....especially the 35:smile:
    also, I dont like to use my birkin lately.....I am sure I will use it again but at the moment it is just to complicated to wear it!haha
    the bolide is much more handy sometimes.

    I wish people would try to see the beauty of other hermes bags too...

  4. I'm a Kelly girl. I like more formal things and I definitely prefer my Kellys in rigide form. However, since I've gone through 3 Kellys and NO Birkins, I'm craving a Birkin very badly ... In the long run, I'm sure I'll still prefer Kelly over Birkins ...

    The other Hermes purse that I really like is the Bolide. Bolide is soooo underrated yet it's a very elegant and functional purse. I used to have a Bolide 31cm. 31cm is a great size, you can use it for day or night, and I've seen people wear jeans as well as dresses with it. I would love to get one in fuchsia ostrich in the future.

    That's my 2 cents.:flowers:
  5. I'm glad everyone wants Birkins because it leaves more Plumes and Bolides on the shelves!
    Actually, I'm so happy with my Birkin and feel that my personal collection would not be complete without one. I'd love a couple more in 30cm Cherve but I would be okay not having them if it came to that. But I want at least two Kelly bags!
    Sometimes, the Birkin is the PERFECT bag for certain outfits, events and situations. Sometimes, it's not.

    Kou, I'd also love a fuchsia ostrich Bolide. Amazing!
  6. Yep, Kelly girl here too. I prefer the look, but the Birkin suits my lifestyle. I carry a lot of items and documents that won't fit in my Kelly. I also love my mini-Plume and my Picotin has turned out to be a great summer bag. The Sac Marine is also great for trekking across the city.
  7. There are many lovely H bags.... one of my VERY VERY favorites being the largest Jige Clutch. That in any Rouge is to Die for and honestly I would pick it over almost any Birkin.
  8. The Jige is beautiful!
    hermesgroupie, I think the Birkin make the best work bag! Can hold large files and even a small, lightweight laptop. If you need a bag that hold your life, nothing better than a B 35!
    SOOO, you need both a B 35 and a Kelly!
  9. I think that the Birkin has its own style and it can be that some people might think it is overrated because of the price, people talk about it, and celebrities carry it. However, if you walk down the streets still only a few people own it. Okay, in really posh areas maybe you'll see more but in general it is still a bag not commonly carried by everyone.

    I have several H bags that I love and carry with pride. However, since I don't have a Birkin yet, I'm impatiently waiting for mine to arrive week after week and that my H collection will not be complete without a Birkin. Needless to say, Hermès makes fantastic bags and most Hermès addicts buy other H-style bags and cherish them the same way as a Birkin.
  10. I'm a Kelly girl, through and through....having said that, I don't actually OWN one yet - but soon!!!!:yes:
  11. As much as I love Birkins, I adore Hermes' other styles as well. My favorites are the Kelly (it is THE quintessential Hermes bag), Bolide, Plume, Evelyne, Jige, Kelly Elan, and Trim. I also like lesser known styles such as the Drag, Escapada, Berlingot, most of the canvas lines, and so forth. The one Hermes bag I think is UGLY is the Massai. Just does not work for me!
  12. especially ever since the craftmanshipo is THE best I can always put MANY heavy folders inside my bolide and not worry about the bag ripping.....see?
    THATS why I LOVE hermes: even when I am dead, my grand children can play with it and say "yeah granpa told us about that bag back then....he bought it 60 years ago!"

    thats what hapened to my mum: she has 2 kellys from the 40´s and they really look new........okay we gae them to hermes for cleaning etc, but they tell a story.....her grandma passed ehm to my granny, and after her death, she gave them to my mum....and I will get the bags one day.

    it IS amazing
  13. My fave Hermes styles follow this order:

    I know I picked all of the Hermes "status bags" but most of the others don't really appeal to me- except the Garden Party totes.
  14. hennaria...Wow!! Two Kellys from the 40's!! What colors/leather/size are they? What is the date stamp? I have a vintage croc Kelly 32 and it has a "10" or a "01" for the stamp and I don't know what that means. I love Kellys in classic!! And I have a Rouge Vif 35 box Kelly with gold and think it really makes a statement because I wear black everyday almost. I own two Bolides, a Drag, one Evelyn,
    one 30 Birkin, two Kellys, two Trims and I think that's it for now.
    I love the Trim and Bolide because of the zipper!
  15. Put me in the I Love Kelly's camp, please! I just adore them...and if they are vintage, I love them even more! And thanks to the boys at LZ, I am now the happy owner of a very vintage combo Kelly that should arrive just next week. :love: I can't even tell you how in love with that bag I am! :heart: And, I'm wait-listed for a 28cm black box Kelly unless one happens to come my way before then. I also have a tremendous fondness for the Bolide and the Plume. So, unless I happen to see a Birkin that for some reason I just can't live without, I don't know if I'll ever own one....:blink: