Your opinion of this little MJ bag?

  1. I think the bag is called "lola".
  2. Lola has an umbrella, this one is a smaller version without the umbrella (I don't know its style name). There's another listing with better pictures:
    eBay: AUTH MARC JACOBS BLACK LEATHER SHOULDER CLUTCH BAG! (item 230012241782 end time Jul-31-06 16:00:20 PDT)

    Lola in Dusty Plum
    eBay: TOUGH TO FIND AUTH. MARC JACOBS LOLA BAG IN DUSTY PLUM (item 170010291526 end time Jul-27-06 17:30:59 PDT)
    Lola in Cream (seller said umbrella's missing)
    eBay: Marc Jacobs Cream Caviar Leather Handbag Purse (item 170012542946 end time Aug-03-06 09:33:08 PDT)

    ETA: Forgot to answer your questions. =)
    I have been eyeing these bags too, they are soooo cute. I believe the above listings are real. =)
  3. ooh! i love the idea of the umbrella compartment! how quirky! =)
  4. I was watching this purse a few weeks ago and had asked for pics of the zippers. The seller told me that they could not take any more pics for me as they have too many items for sale. I still thought it was authentic nevertheless. I think they lowered the starting price since it did not sell last time. It is adorable and at a great price right now.

  5. I don't know... it really bothers me that the Marc Jacobs on the zipper pull is off center. That makes me think it's fake, but before seeing that photo I thought this bag not a popular enough bag to fake.

    Love that frame bag though... the straps are too cool!
  6. I thought the same thing about it being replicated since the style was not as popular. But you are right about the zipper pull and I did not want to bid b/c she refused to send add'l pics.
  7. Good decision. Stay away! I see these bags on Ebay somewhat often, so I'm sure you'll find an authentic one soon.
  8. I will. Thanks for the heads up. I just thought that Decadestwo would have only authentic items because they actually have a store front too, but that's no guarantee..