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  1. :shame: I am a new member on the board, and was completley floored by some of your collections. Very well done! Although, my collection is varied and not as extensive as most I would like to ask your opinion on a bag that would be an investment piece.

    If, and If being the operative word here. you had to choose a bag with versatility, durability and beauty for 700-900 what would you suggest?

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. Probably a Louis Vuitton for me. It's timeless and classic and holds it's value.
    I also like Burberry leather, their in that price range often.
  3. I'd say a LV too, or, what about this amazing tod's Kate bag on sale on bluefly????the leather is soooo soft an the bag is not heavy and very easy to wear(I have it in white)
  4. Oh, I like that.
  5. LV-its timeless!
  6. Definitely LV .. speedy probably
  7. You can't go wrong w/ LV. They will ALWAYS been in style and classic-looking. I'd opt for something in damier but if you had to go w/ mono, I'd say either a Speedy or Batignolles.
  8. defintely LV...for all the reasons stated above!
  9. LV, LV, LV....durable, beautiful classics...only get better with first was Mono Speedy 30, that would be my suggestion....good luck. Happy for you, I remember how excited I was with my first LV. Keep us informed.
  10. If you can find a Marc Jacobs bag on sale--I think they do wonderfully in terms of use. Coach is good too--I know some people don't consider them to be a designer line. But for the money you spend--you'll have their leather purses for years.
  11. Marc Jacobs is really great. Or Gucci as well.
  12. Gucci or LV for your first investment piece - you can't go wrong!
  13. I vote for an LV, and I suggest a shoulder purse to get more versatility. Maybe the cabas piano?
  14. An LV for sure!
  15. I would recommend Gucci. They have great bags in that price range. Here are a few examples. Also, most of these bags come in several colors.