Your opinion is great appreciated! Gris Mouette/Etain/Etoupe

  1. Congrats luxi_max, so glad it all worked out for you. Your etain k is a beauty!
  2. Am loving your etain bags ladies... from these pics i def see a purple tinge. Sure hope mine turns out like this too. And Pocketbook Pup, how can you think about letting your etain go... it is such a pretty b and so different from black and gris t
  3. You are so sweet to comment! Malachite is the color that has alluded me until today & was the first H bag I ever saw a photo of and just thought yes please! She is with me but won't be home until late tonight to really hang out with her! Instead I have a glass of my favourite champagne raising a toast for my new beauty while I kill time waiting for my train home in a few hours! It's stunning & I was obviously so giddy that the SM I didn't know came over & said he was so happy to see that I was so happy!
  4. You have the H gods blessings I think!!
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  5. Thanks, GNIPPOHS! I feel so lucky and grateful to have the K and my SA/SMs (they are lovely people).
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  6. Enjoy the champagne and I can't wait to see your reveal!

  7. image.jpeg

    That's all I have to reveal right now!!

  8. I'm following this thread too.

    I have etain (K), gold (B) and black (B). I was thinking about etoupe for my next B so it is interesting to read about wearing black with it. I feel the same way about my gold. I love my gold but not so much with black. I love it with everything else though. I do like etain with black and have thought about trying for an etain B35...(turned it down for the K and it still haunts me because it seems so useful) however I think a charcoal gray could be another option. i have also thought about going totally crazy (for me) and going for rouge casaque! Not sure how that looks with black though...or in a B. Maybe cuter in an Evelyne for my purposes. Regarding black - it is so useful I highly recommend it. I have started to carry my black B almost every day. I have a 30. I would actually like to get a 35 too. Which seems crazy.
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  9. Oh goodie! I was hoping to see a photo of your etain Kelly again, I love the contrast stitching.

    Yes, exactly, there are some outfits for which a black bag is too harsh and you want to soften it a bit. I think etain will be perfect for that. For example my new leather Moto jacket might look too harsh with black.

    I also like the way Kelly Rutherford mixes her neutral shades for a sophisticated look. She did it mostly with her etoupe bag but I think I can do something similar with etain.

    I think my hesitation is just my guilt at having so many beautiful bags. My cup runneth over and at a very fast pace. Time to get my blue and be finished for a good long time.
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  10. Yes it does appear slightly lighter. I like it.
  11. This is my favorite bar!!!
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  12. Absolutely love your etain K35 MrsOwen. I remember literally drooling over your pics of bag whilst waiting for my etain B to arrive!

    She is a beauty and a true chameleon... My etain is also pretty light and for me a perfect neutral

    Love your collection of neutrals my dear! I hope you keep etain! It's my favorite neutral color! There's something about that color that makes it super special ️... And I didn't realize they were resting it! Makes me glad that I got mine last year️... Ur GT is amazing too but I feel u have place for both GT and etain in your beautiful collection!
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  13. Congrats on the etain Kelly. I love my etain Kelly 32 phw. If I could only have one bag this would be it. Colour changes depending on what you're wearing and it goes with everything.

    Enjoy :biggrin:
  14. Thanks, Handbag1234! I am so glad that I got the bag. Truly love the color! Enjoy your Etain!