Your opinion is great appreciated! Gris Mouette/Etain/Etoupe

  1. Interesting. My Togo etain has no green at all. I always notice a bit of green in etoupe Clemence too, which bothers me. That's why I chose GT instead of etoupe. Maybe it's the Clemence.

    Your Clemence is not lighter in color like the birkin we saw. Confused. It must just be the lighting.
  2. As you can see from my photo I totally don't need etain right? It's just that it's so darned pretty. So I know where you are coming from. Will etain fulfill your black desire or will you still want black? I use my black a lot and some outfits just require black but if you wear an all black outfit it's nice to have the slight contrast of something like etain. In my mind black is essential. Etain is the icing on the cake.
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  3. Yeah I probably need black and etain!! The tone of your etain is lovely-very different from my etoupe which I consider to be beigey/brown and not at all grey. Need a grey. Need etain! Love your collection of neutrals. I think I'll get a black bolide for work as you're spot on some outfits just need black & also try to find an etain B. That will have to wait until the second half of the year though as I'm on my way to collect my malachite today! :yahoo:
  4. Oh congratulations!! Very exciting. Do prioritize the etain over black then as I was told at fsh that etain is being rested. It will be the next Gris tourtourelle that people are craving but can't get. I always seem to get lucky and to get one right before it's rested. Thank you Hermes gods.
  5. Mine is certainly much darker than the Birkin, but certainly not as dark as charcoal.

    The green tinge is very very slight, and I only notice it in certain lights and after someone had mentioned it. It doesn't bother me as I really love the colour - it is the perfect neutral for a brown-phobe like me!!
    Definitely recommend it as it's a lovely colour!!
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  6. Thanks, chkpfbeliever! I am so excited!
  7. I knew it was super light compared to others but the receipt says Etain on it and I can't think of what other gray it could be. Like I figured it must've come from an off-color dye lot. :smile:


  8. It is beautiful! The bag looks much darker here compared to the first 2 pics. I wonder maybe the flash makes the bag look lighter under sunlight?

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  9. Congrats, princessmaggie! My SA showed me a B35 malachite last weekend (it was reserved for a different client) and the color is breath taking pretty. I saw pics of malachite which did not wow me until I saw it. It is truly magnificent IRL.

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    The outside pic was without flash but flash definitely makes it look lighter. But I think this inside flash pic is the best representation of the IRL color because the room was very dark. However, the color is not as dark as other Etain bags on the thread though. So odd. :biggrin:
  11. :smile: the inside flash pic looks very similar to my bag. I will try to take pics of my bag during daylight if you like. The pics I took last night were under yellow lighting so the bag looked darker than it is:smile:
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  12. That would be great, thanks!
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  13. It's gorgeous and you will use her a lot!!

    As an etain lover, I prefer how etain looks on togo much more than my epsom, The nice deep gray pairing is just TDF! I do feel it works particularly well with more edgy outfit without weighing down the whole look, especially during spring/summer. So please keep it!

    Im still looking to add a Black PHW, despite having etain phw. Like you said black is essential, but well I do love icings too!
  14. i actually think they work as tonal options, your Gris T is lovely but I know you prefer a tote. Some days I need my Etain to soften a severe look whereas a black bag would make it feel even more tough.

    I guess I also see it as a cool option vs your gold B. There are outfits that need a black bag but do you have more casual looks where this B would be something you'd grab?

    It does get harder to add things when you have a concise wardrobe and strong collection of bags. I'm sure you'll decide if it works for your wardrobe. It is gorgeous!
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  15. Adding my K35 Etain which looks a little more cool with sometimes purple undertones. The SO contrast stitch helps with that and makes it a bit more casual.

    Etain, etoupe and mouette would all fit in very nicely at Restoration Hardware where i had snapped this pic
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