Your opinion is great appreciated! Gris Mouette/Etain/Etoupe

  1. I think you should keep both as well they are different and there's room in a collection for both.
  2. Is this the lighting? It looks much lighter than mine. By a lot
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  3. It does look light for etain but étoupe has Naturel contrast stitching.
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  5. I know! I'd never seen Etain in person before I got mine. But judging by the pictures and descriptions on the forum I expected it to be much darker. Mine also has a green cast like sage in certain lights. Matter of fact under the lights in FSH I thought it was sage. Can the difference be due to the different leather? I dunno. Just wacky isn't it?
  6. Congrats !! Please do a reveal when you've time !!
  7. Can I get you post some more photos in different lighting? So interesting.
  8. Wow this looks really light, almost like craie on my screen.
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    Thanks, chkpfbeliever! Here she is:smile:. I also picked up an etoupe Calvi epsom too.
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  10. Congrats PbP !! This Etain is lighter than the one that I have seen from the first issue. I had a Bolide 35 in that color and it was much darker than yours. Yours is just right.
  11. Yours is much lighter than the Bolide 35 that i had when the color was issued. Congrats on this beauty.
  12. What a lovely contrast !! GHW is perfect for Etain. Enjoy her in good health.
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  13. Thank you. That photo was taken indoors by a window with sunlight. It appears lighter than it is.

    Here it is with GT and black in dimmer light IMG_1492590240.217169.jpg
  14. Following this thread with interest-My very first bag was an etoupe B35 with ghw and I've added the same spec in gold so have my cool & warm neutrals covered but I have a love for etain with ghw after getting a CDC but do we think this is a redundant next bag given my etoupe? I'm finding quite a few black outfits where I don't like these 2 B's with them and thinking I need to add either a black or etain B for work clothes or I might just get a black bolide and come down the radar a bit for work?
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    Here is my Etain clemence Evie. Definitely a dark cool colour, not much brown in it, but certainly a dark grey with a greenish tinge.