Your opinion is great appreciated! Gris Mouette/Etain/Etoupe

  1. Dear tpfers,

    I would love to hear your thoughts!

    Yesterday, I was offered a K28 Togo/Etain/GHW and have it on hold for me.

    I have been waiting for a K28 GM for a few months now (have not seen a K28 GM in person) and my SA told me that it is coming soon. I also have a Chèvre etoupe/BGHW/rose japur interior and contrast stitching SO placed in Oct last year.

    I currently have a small collection of H (C18 Craie/GHW, K32 blue marine box/GHW, Gold PM Evie, RA/GHW Kelly Pochette) and plan to add 3 more bags (K28, B30, B25) to my collection (including the potential GM and SO etoupe).

    I dress business casual M-F and casual on weekends. My wardrobe consists of all colors but majority is neutral colors.

    My apologies for rambling. I hope giving more details would make it easier for you to advise.

    My dilemmas are:
    1. Am I gambling to let go of K28 etain while I have not seen K28 GM in person? What if I don't like GM as much as I think I would (assuming K28 GM actually comes soon)
    2. If I take K28 Etain, would it be to similar to my SO?

    Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts!
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  2. Here is the bag IMG_1492258754.265285.jpg
  3. I prefer etain
    More intense more actual grey

    Not that mouette is not nice

    I have all 3 too

    They are all different look and hype
  4. Its gorgeous!! Love it with ghw!!
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  5. I have an Etain B35 with GH that I adore. However, Etain and Etoupe might be too similar. I'm a fan of really holding out for exactly what you want as it's ultimately so satisfying!
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  6. @bagidiotic, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! Etain sure is a beautiful color!
  7. @Mrs.Z, truly appreciate your thoughts.
  8. Thanks, ehy12!
  9. UPDATE - I have turned down the Etain. My hesitation lets me know that it is not a HG for me. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts again!
  10. I admire your self control...i would have jumped on it BUT i have made mistakes!! Good for you and I hope you get your exact spec soon!!
  11. @ehy12, thank you for the compliment! I made some costly mistakes too:smile:
  12. Perfect decision IMO :yes: !
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  13. I see that you have made the decision! I do think it's better to carefully plan your collection in advance instead of going through the trouble to sell it down the road. I personally LOVE etain, but agree that with GHW it will be too similar to etoupe as it has brown undertone as well. Under dimmed yellow light they gonna look very similar. Hope you will get your GM soon!
  14. @ miss argile, thank you so much for sharing your thought.

    My SM apologized that my GM got cancelled and the store will not get any more GM. I was so sad (and disappointed that I let bags dictate my emotion/happiness at the moment).

    I asked the SM if I still can reconsider the Etain and she said it was offered to someone but she will let me know what she can do.
  15. Oh no! so sorry to hear that, they should have let you know before you turning down the bag. It's definitely frustrating, and I will feel the same. But maybe you can request a Etain with PHW (I love my K28 sellier! it just goes with everything) so it will be more true gray/ cool tone vs. Etoupe BGHW. As it seems there is good supply of etain bags lately before is gets rested :sad: