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  1. Damier Speedy

  2. Mini Lin Speedy

  3. Damier Papillon!!

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  1. ....Damier or Mini Lin?

    Hi everyone, I know speedy preferences have been asked countless times but not sure about the preferred choice for these two (?) I still don't have a speedy yet as I've been very indecisive and ended up returning the mono speedy twice! Lately I'm beginning to like the speedy ALL OVER AGAIN.... only now, I can't decide between the Damier or the Mini Lin so PLEASE help me decide!

    Btw, I am thinking of the speedy 30 and I don't mind that it sags. Or option #3 - the Damier Papillon?!! :sweatdrop: :p
  2. I'll vote for the Damier Speedy 30!
  3. I like the mini lin.
  4. i'd say the Damier Papillon. i love the shape, and it can be used as a shoulder and handheld bag. plus if you get the Papillon 30, it comes with the little baby Papillon
  5. ^ITA with everything Sandra said...Dam Pap RULES!
  6. Damier Speedy. :yes:
  7. You almost can't go wrong with any of them.
  8. Damier, it's just more durable !
  9. Damier Speedy 30! I just got this bag and LOVE it!
  10. as much as I like damier. The more I see mini lin the more I like it, I dont know what it is about it that makes me like it especially in ebene.
  11. Any speedy is a good choice! I love this bag.
  12. I voted for the speedy!
  13. :yahoo:Gosh, that is a hard one, I have the damier speedy 25 and the Papillon 30 and LOVE both of them. I would give the edge to the papillon 30 because its a great shape and you get the mini papillon with it!
  14. Damier Papillon!:tup:
  15. My vote went for the Damier Speedy.