Your opinion about Eva please

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  1. I recently just had a baby and wanted a small bag to carry essentials in such as my zippy wallet, iPhone and keys along with the diaper bag. I have a Galliera PM and Trevi GM which are both shoulder bags but recently I've been wanting something compact. I think the Eva would be perfect for that and was thinking of getting one on eBay. I've been tracking a few for the last couple of days and they have been going for about $450 but if I buy it new, it's only a hundred dollars more. Should I buy one used and save the $100+tax or just buy one new for the additional money. Sales tax around here is almost 10%. What do you think? Also, if you want to suggest an alternative to the Eva I'm open to that as well. Thanks everyone.
  2. I love the Eva and want one too. I have seen some fairly new ones going for 450 so that would be my pick.
  3. Eva's look cute, but I'd rather get a pochette because they seem to hold a little more and still can go over your shoulder. Both can fit into a bag nicely.

    The nicest thing about the Eva is she can go across body as well. If you want a compact bag that can go across your body, than I'd say buy an Eva on Ebay... probably worth the cost savings. Good luck! :smile:
  4. I really like the Eva, and want to get one as well for the same reason. I hate stuffing my things in the diaper bag, especially when my DH and I are together, so I'd like a small purse to carry with my diaper bag and like that the Eva can be worn crossbody, it wouldn't get in my way. If you can find new, or almost new ones on ebay for $450 I'd go for it. You can use the money you save to start saving for another LV! LOL
  5. I think it is an essential bag and you do get a lot for your money since it comes with the removable long strap which makes this bag so versatile. I would buy new.
  6. I would go for it...and if you want low maintenance, especially with kids, damier is such a great option. Eva holds a bit more than the large pochette actually.
    At first for low priced items like speedy and Eva I thought I really should just buy new.
    But when I got my speedy 25, brand new with taxes it was almost $800 Canadian! If you can get one in as new condition, that would be the way to go.
  7. The Eva is very versatile in that it can be used for your daily essentials and also double as a cute going out bag. The long strap makes it all the better.
  8. I think the Eva would be an excellent choice to be a purse to go along with carrying a diaper bag.....crossbody is very very comfy and although it is small in terms of a handbag its just right size for holding essentials and having them at your reach with just an unzip! I love to use it when I am shopping as its not bulky and lets you go hands free (no danger of setting it down and forgetting it or something like kind of absent minded in that sense at times when I lose my mind over a great deal or find) as far as new or used...if you are in a budget bind by all means get the pre loved...and use the savings to go toward a zcp! which is a nice fit in the eva!
  9. The Eva is one of the most versatile bags that I own. If you can get a good one on Ebay, I would do it.
  10. I love my eva so I say get it. I actually love it so much I would love to get it in another pattern as well. I would probably buy new for only $100 difference, unless it was brand new. The strap will change and I like the patina to be mine, you know?
  11. I love Eva! It's a great bag especially if you have kids!

    As for ebay, it really depends on if saving $100 seems worth it to you. I am so nervous when it comes to ebay and LV that the stress until I received the bag and confirmed it was authentic would not be worth it to me. I would just buy it at the boutique.
  12. i would just buy one new since its only $100 difference. this why you'll have no worries about exact condition or even a 0.01 doubt about authenticity=)

    eva is great choice=)
  13. Its a fabulous bag- its versatile, gorgeous- and practical
  14. I would just save and buy a new one. :smile:

    The Eva is a great choice! :heart:
  15. Eva is classy!i would get save and buy one.