Your opinion about Etienne Aigner: ( pictures included)

  1. I want you guys to tell me what you think of this brand and of a particular design of this brand. I want to know your opinion because I didn’t hear any compliment about this brand in the TPF and I want to know if this brand is worthy to buy :p. Here in my country the brand is well recognized as a designer handbag, but when I searched about it in TPF I didn’t see anything good written about it although it is almost as pricy as the other brands in TPF :confused1:. I bought one already and I like it soo much. The leather looks gorgeous and so soft. It is made of buffalo leather and I bought it for around $1500 after a little reduction. Do you think that I made a good decision by buying aigner handbag or do you think that it would be better if I saved the money for another bag from another brand:p?

    Here I included some of this brand’s handbags and mine looks similar to the one at the top right corner with the decorated belt clasp. I will post a pic of mine as soon as I get back to my home

    Waiting for your opinions

  2. The bag that is similar to yours is gorgeous! I like EA, they have some lovely bags, none that I would personally carry, but a lot of them are nice. My mom has a lot from them, and she loves them, they hold up very well (she's had one for like 7 years now and it looks new)!
  3. AE has been around forever. It was pretty "high end" I think, around the 70's or so. My mom too has had a couple and they're pretty indestructible. Some of the designs remind me of Cole Haan.
  4. i like some of the designs but a lot of the furry ones look very unfortunate to me.
  5. It was high-end in the seventies, then kind of went downhill. I must say, the photos you posted are gorgeous! I hope our Macy's gets some of those in so I can check them out. I would love to see some beautiful, reasonably priced bags again.
  6. I like the style of these bags, especially the ones with the infinity symbol looking handles.
  7. i like them!!!
    especially the white one on top....but the fur ones are kinda weird for me.
  8. You seemed to have bought a very nice EA bag. I see them around a lot when I'm out shopping and the quality of the bags are always very nice. However, the ones I see are never really my style..they just always seem too boring. How come I don't see any of the ones in the pictures you posted? With the exception of the furry ones though...any sort of furry purse creeps me out. :nogood:
  9. Yeah some of the designs are really cute. If you like it then go for it!!!

    If I found one that I totally loved, then I would go for it too!!!

    Good Luck!
  10. They're gooorgeous! I really like the one on the top, that leather...
    I have to say though, when I spend that much money on a bag I'd prefer to buy a Balenciaga, a Chloé or a Louis Vuitton, but if you like them, by all means, go for it!
  11. Thanks a lot for your replies:tender:. I finally hared something good about Aigner as most of the time I get answers like old, traditional handbags, or unworthy. You guys have a very good taste:tup: .
  12. Wow- some are really pretty. I'm not a fan of any fur on any purse, though. I'd like to buy my mum a nice bag...maybe I'll get on of these!
  13. if i am not mistaken, etienne aigner is the low end of the brand name it is made in china, just aigner with the metal plate is made in italy if i am right and it is high many have 3 zeroes type high.
  14. i happen to like dated-looking bags :p i'd love to own a vintage EA bag. where do i find them? nothing beats classics :tup:
  15. I have an old silk pochette from Aigner (an heirloom) it holds up perfectly after all these years. Other than that I know nothing of the brand. Those bags look nice though!