Your oldest Vuitton?

What is you oldest bag, you bought new?

  • Less than 1 year

  • 1-5 years

  • 6-10 years

  • 11-15 years

  • 16-20 years

  • over 20 years!

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Choose to be happy
Sep 19, 2006
The thread on your first trip to LV got me thinking....what's your oldest vuitton?

Are you the original owner?

I have a 25 year old keepall. I am the original owner. My son took with him to college...I may never see it again, maybe I should celebrate my 25th anniversary with LV and buy a new one :P .


Aug 31, 2006
At the moment...

My Mono Papillon 30 in the smooth leather (the first of the 3 versions). It was made in February 1986 (almost 21 years old!). It's still in awesome shape; although the monogram has "rubbed" off from age (and maybe excessive cleaning on my part :sweatdrop:), there is no cracking or peeling.

I'm not the original owner, although it'd be funny if I were (I was born in 1984). I am the third owner of the bag. The second owner told me she bought the bag from an established family in Vancouver. Now it's here with me in the US.