Your oldest Vuitton?

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  1. The thread on your first trip to LV got me thinking....what's your oldest vuitton?

    Are you the original owner?

    I have a 25 year old keepall. I am the original owner. My son took with him to college...I may never see it again, maybe I should celebrate my 25th anniversary with LV and buy a new one :p .
  2. My Speedy 30.. It's only 2 years old though (December 2004) oh and I am the original owner (from Elux)
  3. My poppincourt haut - it will be 2 in June. But not sure that counts since I gave it to my mom.
  4. Mono Speedy 25 - 3 weeks old. :heart:
  5. 1891 trunk.. orignal owner....
  6. my mini hl. 1 and a half years old... rodeo boutique.
  7. My keepall 50 is my oldest, it was my first and I will NEVER get rid of it! it will be 3 years old on March 20th
  8. At the moment...

    My Mono Papillon 30 in the smooth leather (the first of the 3 versions). It was made in February 1986 (almost 21 years old!). It's still in awesome shape; although the monogram has "rubbed" off from age (and maybe excessive cleaning on my part :sweatdrop:), there is no cracking or peeling.

    I'm not the original owner, although it'd be funny if I were (I was born in 1984). I am the third owner of the bag. The second owner told me she bought the bag from an established family in Vancouver. Now it's here with me in the US.
  9. ok maybe a silly questions but how could you be the original owner of a trunk made in 1891??
  10. Passed down, perhaps? :shrugs:
  11. So then if its passed down, she can therefore not be the ORIGINAL owner
  12. Mono pap 26..2003 at the Ogilvy boutique in in the second owner I just got it yesterday hehe :smile:!
  13. I bought it when i was 22 in paris, its pretty nice.. but i cant take it with me to the mall.. heck i cant even get up from my seat.. you ladies are so lucky to walk and go shopping in LV, i buy all my things at ELUX:crybaby:
  14. Blue vernis lexington 1998, not that old. :shame:
  15. Mono Speedy 28 years old, but I gave it away to a relative in 2002 and bought a new one.