Your oldest LV?

  1. I have an aunt who has a speedy thats about 17 years old and let me tell you....thats pretty darn amazing to me hehe:sweatdrop: . My oldest LV is my Manhattan PM which isn't even 2 years old :push: . So just curious about everyone elses oldest bag. Flashback time!
  2. Mono Speedy 30 2 years and 3 months!
  3. ribera is about 3 months old.. to me... :yes:
  4. Petite Bucket, 8 years old!
  5. DH gave me a Mono Speedy 25 as my wedding gift. So, it's 19 years old.
  6. My Manhattan GM. 1 year and 1 month old:p

  7. *sigh* that's such a gorgeous bag. Sometimes I wish I weren't so petite so I could wear big bags without looking like a doofus.

    My oldest back is my petit bucket and she's 3 years old.
  8. My Black Petite Noe!:amuse: She is 13 years old! :shame:
  9. my oldest lv is my 7yr old Musette Tango.
    she's my very first LV and the one that i use the least.
    i've only used her a handful of times...i keep wanting to sell her but i just can't because of the sentimental value she has to me :shrugs: :smile:
  10. Well my oldest (which used to be my mom's) is the Mono Speedy 30 from 1990..that makes it 17 years old :yes:
  11. oldest is petit red noe 11 years.
  12. My CB Pochette which I got in 2004

  13. My oldest LV is also my 7-year-old Musette Tango. I used it a lot in the first year, and then I got Epi Mabillion and matching wallet the next year. I haven't sold any of my LVs and not sure if I ever will. :p
  14. oldest LV also happen to be a 7-yr old Musette tango that i use the least. :shame: I decided to make her as my go to work bag when I'm sick my current tote. :graucho:
  15. My black Suhali Cles. It'll be 4 years old next month.