Your oldest item that you still wear?

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  1. What garment, shoe, or accessory (excluding jewelry) is your oldest that you still wear? I don't mean a vintage purchase; I mean you got the item 15 years ago, and have been wearing it at least occasionally up until now.

    For me, I think it's a pair of Dr. Martens I got almost 12 years ago. They've held up really great and I just recently had some minor repairs done.

    Curious what everyone else has been hanging on to!
  2. Great thread...

    I have a fleece sweater (my comfort & warmth sweater) that's approx 20 yrs old.
  3. Ooooooooo!! Love this thread!! I have many and if you don't mind, I will add them as I remember them!!

    I too have a fleece pullover that I use for exercising that is over 15 years old. It still works! No need in replacing it!!

    I have a ralph lauren camel hair sweater from when I was 15.

    I can't remember anything else now...Thank you for this great thread!!:flowers:
  4. I still wear some of my almost 20 year old Liz Claiborne jewelry, Monet, & 1928 for those of you who remember those brands! lol! The pieces that I still wear have not tarnished. Amazing! Some did, though.

    I just found my 17 years old Ralph Lauren jeans that I am getting ready to put back into my jean rotation since higher waists are back in!!! My old Umbro shorts that I wear very once in a while during the summer.
  5. I have a 100% silk sweater that I got when I was 11 in 1994 - I'm only 5'2 so I haven't grown much since I was 11 haha! So I still wear it - it's a typical 90s cropped style, but great quality - it looks new. I bought it from a Canadian chain called Suzy Shier for $15 and it's funny the quality there is pretty crap now but but back then I guess it was a different story.

    I also have a 100% linen, knit short sleeved v-neck top from the gap that I also bought in 1994 - it also looks new. I guess the quality of gap clothing has also gone down over the years.

    After that I have a pair of docs from 1997 I guess..... Geez I'm getting old!
  6. haha I love this! :lol:

    Definitely the quality of everything has gone down over the years. I have a shirt that was my mom's in the '70s that people think is brand new. Doubt I could find much made today that would last that long.
  7. For sure! Excited to hear what you have. ^^
  8. A plain grey tee which I purchased (as a 13-year old) in 1992. I still use the tee now (sentimental value) as a nightshirt!
  9. Great thread!!!

    I have a Juicy couture track suit from 11 years ago, still wear them every Fall!!;)
  10. I just released a cashmere crew neck that my HS boyfriend gave me....many, many years ago!
    It was from I. Magnin - anyone remember that store!?
    Well the cuffs gave out, but it was the softest cashmere! Sort of miss it.
  11. I have a red winter coat I purchased from H&M 10+ years ago that I still wear. I worked there straight out of high school and the coat was the first thing I bought with my employee discount. I've definitely purchased some much nicer coats since then, but I get so many compliments on this one, and its held up really well, only needing one minor repair, that I can't bear to get rid of it.
  12. Great thread!

    I have 3 blazers from 2005 that I still wear regularly. Each one has 3/4 length sleeves, with a scalloped, flared, tulip cuff. I love them and find they work great with dress pants for work, but also look fabulous with jeans and heels.

    I also still have a Michael Kors belted camel-coloured dress coat with a high funnel-style neck. I purchased it new in 2007 and have worn it occasionally this winter when the temperature rises above +1. It's desperately in need of a new lining though.
  13. I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman suede knee high boots that I got while I was in high school...they are about 19 years old now and still look great (with the occasional heel replacement and such). They were also my first designer purchase ever (I was working at a department store and they were returns from a much larger store...we didn't carry them so they had to sit in back until they either went on clearance or we did a send-back). Needless to say, when they went clearance...I snatched them up!
  14. I have a knitted tee-shirt I've had since I was 7. I thought of giving it away only a couple of months ago but I can't part with it now LOL. Not sure where it is this very second but I can and do still wear it. I'm :shocked: myself
  15. You must be tiny!

    I realized I also have a shirt I wore in middle school, which I still wear with my pajamas. It has Pokemon on it. :biggrin: