Your non-Designer purses?


Feb 1, 2006
I dont know about all of you, but before I became infatuated with high end purses, I started and have a hefty collection of random purses that I have collected. I think I have over 20 purses that are from totally random places and all under 40 dollars I believe. Does anyone else have a collection of "non-designer" bags?
I do. I have 3 metallic leathery soft bags that can be worn across from the body or can be converted into a night clutchy bag. I have a set of those metallic pailette bags (I've never used them so bag to eBay they go probably), some designer inspired Mulberry bags (I didn't know what Mulberry bags look like and only one of the 4 looked cute to me), some Epxress night/formal clutches, some beaded bags from India and some other odds and ends.
i have a couple but really only use one non-designer bag. it's this big canvas tote that says "crew" in pink and has green straps. it's really cute and surprisingly durable!
I have a pewter Lolli by Reincarnation, a brown sueded studded cross hobo from G Series, and this bag made out of different pieces of kimono fabric handmade by a Japanese designer.
Wow, that Kimono bag sounds amazing!

I guess I just figured everyone would have a lot of non designer bags too? I guess I am really addicted. I need to keep the designer bags in check because I certainly cant afford 20 of them.

I cant find it in me to part with them...
My 'non-designer/non-high end' collection includes the following:
* A brown leather studded hobo shoulder bag I bought for $5(!!) at some random store.
* A white w/ pink trim XOXO satchel bag that I use to hold all my 'toiletries' when I go on trips.
* A huge blue XOXO jelly bag that I use as a beach bag because it's plastic so I don't have to worry about it getting wet hehe.

I donated all my non-designer bags except for the above because I wanted to 'restart' my collection with more grown up, leather (preferably), classic bags that will last for years.
ayla said:
Indeedy.. but only around 10 or so. My favourite is one from Gap, it kind of resembles the baggy PM actually !

I'd love to see pics of this Ayla. I can't justify the PM price, so maybe I can pick one of these up on eBay if it lives up to expectations. :biggrin: