Your no-fail on-tour outfit?

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  1. What's your favorite outfit to wear when just touring around a new city?

    - YAYA black t-shirt dress... just plain and to my knees
    - Flat sandels or some kind

    I never feel over or under-dressed in this outfit... appropriate if we wander into a nicer restaurant, but not out of place among other tourists.
  2. Great thread idea!

    Unfortunately I have no idea. I am still trying to figure this out myself. Probably a knit long sleeved knee length Missoni dress, very comfortable, easily dressed up, looks great with a variety of footwear.
  3. I wear a black jersey dress that has a bit of lace at the vneck. very versatile!

    then I can wear whatever kind of shoes to dress it up/down :smile: love it
  4. Comfy shirt, birkenstocks and manpris. ;)
  5. Mine's a navy jersey dress by Girbaud. It's sleeveless, straight-cut, like a sheath. Super comfortable and can be dressed up or down with flats or heels, different jewellery and I just roll up a cardigan in my bag if it's going to be cool.

    Fantastic thread!
  6. I agree with other - a good black, short sleeve cotton dress that doesn't wrinkle.

    I dress it up or down with jewelry/shoes. It's the most versatile garment to take on a trip! :tup:
  7. It's a toss up between either a black jersey dress, or my black skinnies, fitted white tee, and accessories. :yes:
  8. My wrinkle-free dresses and I can dress them up or down depending on my shoes and accessories!
  9. I have this black cotton sundress from's super comfortable, but it comes down to my mid-calf, so I don't feel out of place in churches and such.

    If it's cold out, I'll wear a longsleeve tee under the sundress. If it's warm out, I'll layer a tank top underneath it, but bring a cashmere pashmina with me...I don't like showing my shoulders at churches and other religious site, whether the place requires it or not.
  10. Jersey dresses, jersey dresses, jersey dresses and when in doubt, jersey dresses. When I travel, that's pretty much all I pack, whether it's a short trip to DC or to Paris or Houston or wherever. A few different colors, all about knee length and I'll pack accessories (day and night purses, cardigans and shawls) and shoes (differing heights) to change it up. You just can't go wrong. And take a rumpled jersey dress on a hanger into the bathroom with you while you shower and voila! wrinkles be gone! It's the perfect travel outfit.
  11. Jeans, sneakers and a tee shirt....I feel like such a tomboy...or a frump compared to you guys :sad: