Your next Kooba purchase will be ...

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  1. ? What are you eyeing?
  2. I was really liking the Charlie but after what Lexie has said about it I am bummed out. Nina is another one I have been looking pretty :heart:

    and on my permanent wish lisht is a black Sienna.
  3. I just purchased an vintage Kooba on eBay, see the post about that.

    I plan to wait until Fall and hope to chose one bag to my liking then. Gosh, I wonder how I could get my hands on the Fall sell sheets. ........*plotting*

    Yeah!!! our forum is here!
  4. Yeah I'm kinda bummed about the Charlie but I would like to get a Meredith or Gretchen in slate and a Parker in ink.
  5. Well it was going to be the Nicole in Rose, but I have to really think hard about it after what Lexie wrote about her Charlie in Rose. I can't afford to buy a bag and then have it all scratched up. But for now, I can even find it so I guess that's a good thing... gives me time to think it over.
  6. No Koobas are on my Line-up until I see fall Stuff. I am always on the lookout for Vintage Koobas. Me and SaleRep will be duking it out...LOL
  7. I'd love a Charlie and or a Meredith. Probably in a darker color after reading Lexie's problems with Charlie.
  8. was looking at the Brynne Leather Corset shoulder tote in camel or oak and am still on the search for a mackenzie clutch that is not reptile!

    When is the Brynne from? Anyone have any experience with it?
  9. Parker in Ink!

    Has anyone seen one on sale anywhere?
  10. Eyeing the Nicole in luggage, but really shouldn't buy one.
  11. Nina!
  12. I was going to give the spring Koobas a miss, love the colours, but none of the shapes really grab me..apart from the Nina (but I think it's a bit too small) I love the Josie, especially when I saw how the strap can bit unclipped to go across, but I haven't seen many of them..
  13. next kooba i'm going to get is going to be from an older line for sure! don't worry when that time comes you ladies will be the first consultants! ;)

  14. meee too honey me too lol :drool:

    holy hell this is my 1700th post... i have issues :nuts: