Your New Year's Resolution

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What is your #1 goal for your bag collection in 2006:

  1. Buy MORE bags (bag collection is not quite complete)

  2. Buy LESS bags (have enough bags or on a tight budget)

  3. SELL off bags (need to get rid of unused ones before buying )

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. It's that time again when we are thinking about our new year's resolution.
    Questions: What is Your New Year's Resolution for 2006?
    What was your New Year's Resolution in 2005 and did you keep it? Your answers do not have to necessarily pertain to your bag collection.

    ***Don't forget to enter the poll listed above***
  2. For 2006: I need to save more $$$$.
    In 2005: My goal was to lose weight. I did. I lost 40 lbs. The hardest part is keeping it off.
  3. Ha, you just hit my resolutions on the nail, losing weight and saving money. Saving money means less bags .. so less bags for me it is. :cry:
  4. no new years resolutions for me.
  5. 2006: buy more bags! my collection needs to grow, and i'm in a position to make it grow, so more bags for me!
    2005: lose weight, and i kept it, i lost 30 pounds, and i'm going to lose more this summer (that's when i lost the 30 because then i'm not on the campus meal plan and can better control what i eat).
  6. I'd fall under the buy more bags.. but I'm also going to try for save more money !
  7. For 2006: Buy more bags, but bags that I really want, and buy them with cash I have on hand. No more charging, especially since my credit card will finally be paid off next month. I hate carrying a balance! I want to save and buy 3, maybe 4 bags this year. That's it.

    Last Year: My resolution was to finish college and get a good job, and I did that last May :biggrin:
  8. I have to lose weight and ov course buy more bags that goes with our saying ;o)
  9. Buy less bags definitely. I went crazy the last quarter of 2005.
  10. To hold off on bags so I will have more money for my trip to Paris in April (where I will probably buy a new LV, I hear their new store on the Champs is amazing!)
  11. Before I buy any new bags, I really need to sell a bunch that I either didn't use at all (Balenciaga White Voyage, Chloe Grenat Paddington, Gucci Suede Hobo) or rarely used. Unfortunately, I've already seen some bags (Chloe Bronze Silverado Tote) that I covet ... will it ever end?!?!? :amazed:

    But, I also need to save some more $$$ for our next trip to Italy, and need to lose a few pounds too ... yuch ... hate having to save and dieting!
  12. Mine is to not mess up my relationship with my boyfriend. He's such a sweetie pie and doesn't buy me things...but he treats me like a queen in other ways. One of my guy friends recently told me that my boyfriend is just what I deserve. He treats me well and is the biggest sweet heart ever! We get along so well...and were friends forever before we started dating. Of course, he had a crush on me throughout the entire friendship. :love:
  13. for 2005 my goal was to become a better person in as many aspects as possible. I didn't accomplish everything but i did achieve some milestones.

    for 2006 my goal is to still improve myself as a person. hopefully i do more this year.

    here's to a great year for everyone! glad to have found this forum! :biggrin:
  14. lemme know when/where you decide to sell the grenat paddy!
  15. 2005: get better grades....kepts, sort of...
    2006: learn to save money....I'm not going to keep that at all.