Your New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!

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  1. Recently got the Gucci logo tights and a matching marmont card holder to match my mini marmont bag. Obsessed! IMG_2129.JPG 0LUTj2s9S2WQXF+TyS8Olw.jpg
  2. If you don’t mind me asking how much was this pouch at the outlet? I love it
  3. i am assuming you are asking me regarding the blue blooms pouch? it was $399 USD + tax
  4. Sorry for the double post, there was an error! How much was this pouch at the outlets? I’ve been wanting one for a while! It’s so beautiful
  5. Love this bag. Been looking at exact color combo. Just can’t decide on size. What size is this beauty. Mod shot by chance?
    Enjoy her!
  6. You're on a roll!
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  7. Haha I know :biggrin: what can I say definitely been bit by the Gucci bug! :biggrin: I can’t believe I never paid attention to the Dionysus before. I’ve always loved it in pictures but never tried it on. It’s definitely the bag for me. I’ve loved the blooms design for the last 4 years and I think it’s about time I added it to my collection.
  8. Hi I don’t have any mod shots unfortunately. This is the Small size. If you google Dionysus Small you’ll find lots of pictures of people wearing the small size. :smile: It’s a great everyday bag. I think it’s the closest to a traditional size handbag. The colour and size won’t go out of style. What size are you trying to decide between?
  9. Late reveal-Tian padlock birthday present picked up last month, having lunch at Cheesecake Factory. just Love the colours Of this purse.♥️

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  10. So pretty! Love everything about it, especially how the strap complements the pattern of the bag.
  11. Thank you 2gr8
  12. My new baby :hbeat:

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  13. Hello Ladies,

    Here to reveal my second Gucci Bag. I have been eyeing this one for a while and originally planned on purchasing it on holiday last year, but then a limited edition LV came along that I could not pass. Although I not for one Minute regret purchasing that one (Catogram is sooo cute), I could not get the Gucci out of my head. As the heart wants what it wants, I decided to treat myself to it for my Birthday....

    GG Marmont small Crossbody in light raspberry velvet 20190209_145411.jpg
  14. Woohoo! Got this cutest key case today from the first delivery attempt by UPS! Was a bit worried since Gucci doesn't provide a tracking number. A perfect match for my Ophidia bag which arrived a couple of days earlier.