Your new Favorite Lv Bag -Vachetta bucket!

  1. I just got this beautiful vachetta bucket. I sprayed it really good twice today with apple spray. I bought it used but it is in perfect condition. I tested the pouch that came with it to see if the spray would help it to not show signs of yuk and it does very well. I am going to carry it proudly and love every minute I do. What is the fun of having a great bag and not using it. I figure that I take very good care of my bags and don't set them were they don't belong or abuse any of them so this will do just fine. :love:

    Also I don't ever carry the same bag every day anyhow. I wanted to put in the pics so if someone else loves the look of the vachetta they can see what it looks like with the beautiful honey color and for them to know that they aren't so scary after all. Take care of what you have and it will last for almost ever. (I will spray again in a few months for sure).:jammin:

    The pics don't show the lovely honey color as I thought it should. It is really a lovely honey. Not too dark and not too light, but just right.
    DSC02029 (Small).JPG DSC02027 (Small).JPG DSC02028 (Small).JPG DSC02026 (Small).JPG
  2. Oooh, it's nearly giving me a heart attack to look at it!
  3. She's beutiful! Where did get her? I love the feel of vachetta!
  4. :nuts: :nuts: It's in incredible condition! I have such a fear of vachetta!
  5. Omg she's gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! :drool:
  6. Sooo pretty! I love your attitude, and you're right, why have nice bags if you're not going to carry them. I need to take your advice, I have a few bags I hardly use in fear of "ruining" them! :confused1:

    Congrats on your beautiful bag! :wlae:
  7. Wow....really love it!!!

    Gorgeous bag :love:
  8. oh my....stunning but she is very fragile :sad: im aso a vachetta-phobic
  9. Stunning. I would never be able to have that. Congrats.
  10. My computer is so slow tonight it is hard to post a reply. It is as soft as a baby's bottom! I got it from Kim with ultimate handbag. I bought a cerises bucket from her a while back and was very happy with her so I saw this come up just after she put it on Ebay and grabbed it. It is so great on. It is like new and the tan is sooooo even. I couldn't be happier. I would buy full vachetta again in a heart beat, just so I could carry them more often without worry of wearing one out. It was only made in Japan for their 20th year anniversary and was sold to VIP customers. It has a stamp on it for that special time on the opposite side. It will diffently be kept in its box when not in use to prolong the color it is now for as long as possible. Wish me luck and we will see what it looks like this time next year.......:sweatdrop::P
  11. Stunning bag! Looks so smooth
  12. Wow! That handbag is to die for!!! I :heart: it.
  13. What a beautful bag and such terrific condition! Congratulations! :yes:
  14. wow... kinda looks like the nomade leather line! it's gorgeous!
  15. From one lover of LV Buckets, although I like the GM size for myself, to another, congratulations. That's a beautiful bag. Where her in good health!