Your New Dooney: A mini reveal thread!

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  1. Got something new to share? Don't necessarily want to create your own reveal thread? Post your Dooney buys, gifts, and goodies here! :yahoo:

    Big buys or small, let's see them all!
  2. I copied this from the coach forum. It's an awesome idea!
  3. I got the suede satchel today and it's already packed up to return. :tdown: I swear, this is the thinnest suede I have ever seen. The bag is a limp mess and folds into a beige puddle when the stuffing is removed. I do like the color, though. It is light weight but has one of those very thin shoulder straps. Back it goes!


    One other BIG thing is that the front panel of suede is a lighter shade than the back of the bag. It's not noticeable unless viewing from the side, but still annoying. You can sort of tell from this pic, but it's more obvious IRL.

  4. MB I really like the color -sorry it is not love
  5. How disappointing :sad: I'm sorry she's a dud :sad:
  6. Thanks, y'all. On to the next!! :biggrin:
  7. I'm sorry honey! She's pretty to look at but I can't stand a puddly mess!!!

  8. I got two packages today! My violet clayton and my patent wallet and the coin case! Every piece is perfect! The clayton shipped from the warehouse and arrived wrapped up Fort Knox style. His leather looks wonderful. Very uniform. The wallet and coin case shipped from the outlet and was nicely and appropriately wrapped.

  9. Cannot believe I have 3 nice wallets at one time! These will last me for many years! And a designated coin case! So excited.

  10. Great looking haul, Springer!! :yahoo: Congrats and enjoy your new loot.
  11. Love the multi wallets! When does the drawstring arrive?
  12. I am sorry your handbag did not work out. I do see what you are talking about in regards to the different shades. :sad:
  13. Thank you! I feel like I have a mother load!

  14. So sorry she was not love!
  15. Thank you!

    The drawstring is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday. That will be the last. I thought man was going to bust a coronary when he saw the two boxes on the porch today. We had to have a talk and came to an understanding. A fair understanding. I have enough for now and need to lay off. I agree and am happy with the massive bounty I have accrued. Until my time comes again, I will live vicariously through your all's purchases!

    The only thing that stinks like a wild hog is that he doesn't know about the drawstring.